The greatest story in the world (Series 11). (1919)

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Reel №1

Image: Goddess of Justice.


United Kingdom, London, Whitehall, central recruiting station, 1918 From the door of the building overlook recruits.

Men in plain clothes stand in a queue.

Tilbury, a port 1918 on board the transport ship British soldiers in life jackets.

British soldiers jumping rope.

Kola Bay.

Ice breaker "Svyatogor" (subsequently renamed the "Krasin") under the flag of the British Navy in the ice.

Nose icebreaker breaks the ice.

PNRM .: transport vessels in ice.

Waves behind.

British warship, aircraft guns, the sailors on board.

Kola Bay.

Ice breaker "Svyatogor" breaks the ice.

Kind of a frozen bay.

Royal Fusiliers posing with a rabbit (mascot - Mascot units).

Arkhangelsk port.

British soldiers are on the ramp onto the barge, NDP aboard «NT320».

Barge sails away from the marina.

On the pier - ambulance with the emblem of the Red Cross, there are a number of British officers and soldiers.

Handling horses on a barge, NDP aboard «NT330».

British soldiers give birth to the reins of the horses on board the barge.

River North Dvina.

The British hospital ship «Kalza» (the emblem of the Red Cross on the board), the team is on the deck.

Tugboat pulling barge «NT64».

Tugboats pulled the barge (barges escorted two British monitor "M" class).

British monitor class "M" passes by sunken ship.

British warship crew on deck, the captain of the ship's officers.

The officer watching with binoculars, steering at the helm.

Riverside S. Dvina River, the village of Trinity, a British military camp.

On the hill there are British soldiers, a view of the Orthodox Church [Trinity].

Forest on the banks of the Northern Dvina River.

Shooting with the side of the barge: tug pulling the barge «NT 247".

The barge passes on the background of the church [Trinity].

Forest on the banks of the river.

British gunboats «Insect» class escorted convoy of barges.

British sailors pumped hydrogen gas balloon.

On the deck of the ship are British sailors, raise the balloon.

British warship.

On deck, the sailors and are watching to get out of a hole in the deck of a cat.

British sailors play with the cat (ship's mascot).

Key words

War World, 1918, 1919, civil war, intervention, the United Kingdom, Northern Region, maritime transport, river transport, road transport, medicine, the Red Cross, navy, military life, mobilization, landscape, land forces, Christianity, Orthodoxy, architecture, aeronautics

Reel №2

Northern Region, the Northern Dvina River, in 1919 the British military boat at the pier.

On the quay passes Major General Maynard, climbs aboard the boat, gives honor.

British soldiers and officers on board a military boat.

The waves behind the boat.

Machine gun "Vickers" on board the boat.

Onega Lake, Bear Mountain, 1919.

The base of the British Air Force.

Hydroplanes "Fairy» FIIIC, seaplane tail number 9238. Mechanics attached to the bomb aboard the seaplane.


Aerial bombs, attached to board an airplane.

Mechanics attached to the heavy bomb aboard a seaplane.

Mechanic ended equipment hydroplane bombs off.

Hydroplane dispersed on the surface of water, takes off.

British armored 70FT motorboat «Jolly Roger» ( «Jolly Roger"), aboard the British soldiers.

The team poses for a newsreel, in the center - the captain.

Three men in suits posing for the newsreels at the background w / wagons.


On a diver wearing a helmet.

Diver descends the stairs into the water, the mechanics of deploying the air supply hose.

Diver plunges into the water, the bubbles on the water surface.

Murmansk, 1919 Motor boats, reinforced on the w / e platform.

Motor boat at the pier, next are British soldiers.

Near Lambushka, 1919 M / d branch №9. Forest.

Wooden buildings destroyed w / e bridge.

British soldiers inspect the destroyed bridge backups.

PNRM .: logs from the wrecked train / railway bridge.

British soldiers standing at the crater from the explosion of bombs.

British officer takes aerial bomb of the funnel.

British officer inspects bombs.

On the wooden bridge over the railroad tracks laid wagon rides.

F / A branch, built through the forest.

Passes British armored train.


PNRM .: British armored train moving, smoke. 4.5 inch howitzer mounted on a platform of a British armored train.

Shots 4.5 inch howitzers.

British soldiers on the background of the ruins of the smoking wooden house.

PNRM .: ruins of wooden buildings.

PNRM .: artist Red Army prisoners under guard British soldiers standing at the freight cars.

PNRM .: out of the car to halt the British Expeditionary Force, General G. Rawlinson and accompanying his face, gives the honor to meet him by the British officers, there is admiral of the British fleet.

The commander of the British Expeditionary Force, General G. Rawlinson goes accompanied by British officers, he is met by Brigadier General E. Ironside.

The camp for prisoners of war.

PNRM .: behind the fence, enclosed by barbed wire, sit on the ground Red Army prisoners of war.

Red Army POWs drink tea.

Arkhangelsk, Cathedral Square, 1919 are Russian officers down the line of the national militia.

Before the Holy Trinity Cathedral are Russian soldiers and officers.

Along building Slavo-British Legion passes Lieutenant General E.K.Miller accompanied by Russian officers, including Marine soldiers salute.

People's militias are systems in a row of four.

Along the building of people's militia officer passes, gesture dub system.


Gen. E.K.Miller and Brigadier General E. Ironside talk.

Arkhangelsk port 1919 civilians waiting in line at the gangway of the steamer.

PNRM. aboard ship passing: the type of stored on the river Dvina S. forests, the smoke from the fire.

Arkhangelsk, Cathedral Square, 1919 A ​​wooden arch decorated with the flags of the Allied Powers, Parade British soldiers, a soldier carries the flag.

Past groups conversing British soldiers passing driver, from a group of two soldiers depart and go for a passing cart.

Arkhangelsk port, 1919 British soldiers on board a cargo vessel.

Northern Dvina River, 1919 View of Arkhangelsk on board the ship, churches, ships at anchorage.

Newspaper sign: «North Russia evacuation message from the king».

Arkhangelsk, 1919 Urban Landscape, board an airplane.

Key words

War World, 1919, civil war, intervention, the United Kingdom, Northern Region, road transport, medicine, the Red Cross, Navy navy, air force, military life, river transport, railway transport, cartage, landscape, ground troops, artillery, prisoners of war, personalities, destruction, Christianity, Orthodoxy, architecture, aviation