Installation of the Spanish and Italian Chronicles. (1930 - 1939)

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Spanish Republicans pass the French border.

Delivery of weapons.

Representatives of the civil authorities, passing through the system of forces / Latvian credits /

The capture of the city of Malaga Franco.

Shooting in the city.



The construction of the fence / Latvian credits /

Paramilitary sports parade in Rome, Mussolini Stadium, in the presence of Mussolini / Latvian credits /

Blackshirts parade on the streets of Florence.

Speech by Minister Farinacci.

Rally. / Latvian credits /


From St.

Peter's Cathedral overlook the newlyweds after the wedding, accompanied by relatives and guests.

Among the crowd are close to Mussolini with his wife. / Latvian credits /

Madrid of the houses destroyed after the bombing of the civilian population to evacuate. / Latvian credits /


The destruction in the city from the bombs. / Latvian credits


Peter's Square at the Vatican.

Prayer in the square filled with thousands of people.

Pope Pius 12th blesses the congregation. / Latvian credits /

Pope Pius the 12th dispatched from the Vatican in the car.

Passage through the streets of Rome. / Latvian credits /

Mussolini on the podium speech / writing /.

Duce with a child and a woman. / Latvian credits /

Official ceremony in St.

Peter's with the participation of Pope Pius the 12th on the occasion of the reception of the Spanish delegation. / Latvian credits /

Procession of Pope Pius the 12th, beig on a stretcher. / Latvian credits /

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