The apostle of liberty. (1936)

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Director: Boris Milev

Operators: Georgij Durov,Hristo Moninskij

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About the character of the revolutionary national liberation movement - Vasil Levski.

Five centuries of Turkish bondage gravitated over the Bulgarian lands.

Even in the 18th century monk Paisii Hilendarski planted the spark of patriotic unity.

Maturing revolution, she gave birth to their leaders


Vasil Levski was born June 6, 1837 in the Balkan town of Karlovo in the house of a humble craftsman.

As a novice laborer-he went through the cities and villages.

It matures and hatred towards the Turkish oppression, and exploitation of the rich-Chorbadji.

Vasil is in a gloomy Sopot monastery, becoming a deacon Ignatius ..

But his cell filled not psalms and books fighters for rebirth of his homeland: "Forest traveler" Rakovski "Danube Swan".

He leaves from the monastery, and gets to the center of Belgrade-then-revolutionary emigration.

First Bulgarian Legion / squad / created by Georgi Rakovski became a school for him.

Baptism of fire and historical name Levski he gets in battles with the Turkish garrison at the Belgrade fortress.

After returning home, he was imprisoned in Plovdiv prison.

Upon leaving becomes a teacher in the village Voynyagovo.

It becomes the standard-bearer in the couple / partisan / magistrates Panagiota hits.

The second squad, established in Belgrade in 1869 Levski came rich revolutionary experience

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But chetnicheskoe traffic was cut off from the masses.

Levski leaves Belgrade and sent to Bucharest.

Here he met the poet-revolutionary Hristo Botev.

Levski set up local revolutionary committees at the local, roaming the country.

His refuge was Sopot Monastery, home of



Created Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee, it included Levski and Lyuben Karavelov.

Levski write Drafts statutes.

Levski carries a portable printer.

Grew the organization of popular struggle.

To help Levski from Bucharest was sent Angel Kunchev.

In 1871, in Bucharest convened meeting of members of the organization.

There Levski swore to the people

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Recognized as the chief apostle of Bulgaria, with the broadest powers, Levski crossed the Danube, in the revolutionary Lovcen.

The government of the Sultan increased the terror the mullahs fanned Turkish fanaticism.

But the people with arms raised.

The government issued an order for the capture of a dangerous conspirator Levski.

He moved the company archive of the village Golem Izvor, where he founded the first revolutionary committee of the district.

Notebook Apostle.

In December 1872 Levski went to Lovcen, where the central committee.

He gave pop Krastev.

At the inn Levski, he was arrested, shackled.

He was brought to Sofia, the Turkish government tried in the residence.

The trial of Levski, he was sentenced to death by poveshivanie.

But he remained immortal in the history of Bulgaria

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