Carmel. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: N.Akseljrod

Reel №1


Port near Haifa.

Fishing boat out to sea.

Fishermen pull nets.

Landscapes coast.

Fishing boat.

Young fisherman launches network.

Boats fishing in the sea, the night. / Virirovannye frames /.


Boats returning to shore.

Wife meet fishermen, to help them.

Jewish youth on a ship sailing to Palestine.

Rest on the deck of the swimming pool, the youth national dance dancing.

steamship pipe

Key words

Palestine, sea, fishermen, women, young people, the Jews, entertainment, recreation, swimming pool, water transport

Reel №2


Construction of the pipeline.

The irrigation system in the desert.

Desert Landscape.


The arrival of the British delegation, meeting on a small airfield.

Military training of young people: the shooting range.

Military vehicles on the teachings.

Marching soldiers, horse.

Genre scenes in the small Palestinian town / Svah /: shoemakers at work, Craftsman, passers-by.



Religious holiday.

People go to the sacred place.

Holiday: National Dance, meal.

The ground is laid with some document Bottle

Key words

Palestine Festival, construction, desert, land reclamation, the soldiers, the visit, the delegation, the airport, the youth, teaching, military equipment, crafts, Jewish cemetery, monuments, religion, entertainment

Reel №3


Agricultural work in the Kibbutz / community /.

Men lay the furrows, women crushed grain.

Make bread.


Tel Aviv.

Military unit.

Comes Colonel Peterson visits the construction site, the construction of the name of Jabotinsky Institute


Stadium in Tel Aviv: the youth march.

Among the guests of honor on the podium, the British representatives.


Youth Parade.

Mass gimnatsicheskie exercise youth at the stadium.


Arriving ship arrived triumphantly welcome.

National dance and singing woman on the nature background

Key words

Palestine, agriculture, population, women, military leaders, personalities, building, children, Gos.uchrezhdeniya Palestine, the stadium, young people, the parade, the delegation, sports, port, water transport, festivals, entertainment, women

Reel №4


Vocal and instrumental ensemble-performances.

A fragment of a comic performance troupe.

Circle aviamobilizma.

Glider in the sky.

Youth build gliders in aviaklube.

Rise glider in the sky.

Preparation for the flight of the aircraft.

Flying above the ground: landscapes, the River Jordan

Key words

Palestine, music, ensemble, theater, aeronautics, aviation, river

Reel №5


Aerial views: mountains, rivers, villages.


On the ground watching the airplane.



Night lighting.

Homeless young people sleeping on the streets.

Collection of teenagers.

Vystupat girl.

Organized workshops for teenagers: the boys at their machines, sewing girls.


Young children in the park.

Agriculture in the garden, on farms.

Milking cows.

Collect fruit.

Teens involved in the classes.


Exercise in the air

Key words

Palestine, mountain, aviation, river, youth, craft, agriculture, farm, entertainment, sports

Reel №6


Fizzanyatiya students outdoors.

Students marching with "Varshavyanka" singing.

Machines with young people on the roads.

Military training of young people.

Mobilized for military training population.

Columns of the population with working tools directed to the uninhabited places.

Starts split camp.

Rest after work.

Soldiers and civilians are singing together.

The camp was built for training

Key words

Palestine population, mobilization, soldiers, school children, youth, sports, teaching, recreation, entertainment