Marching In a Revolution Step.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Nebylickiy B.

Script writers: Nebylickiy B., Nemesh YA.

Operators: Serov G.

Text writers: Nemesh YA.


A film is devoted to the international friendship of Soviet and Hungarian people.

Temporary description

The film is dedicated to the 50 anniversary of the brotherhood of the peoples of the USSR and Hungary. 1918. Celebrating 1 st Anniversary of October at the Red Square. Lenin Square. Ya Majtényi remembers about the October parade in Moscow (synchronously). Demonstrators on the streets of Budapest. J. Kadar welcomed the demonstrators. Moscow. Kremlin Wall. Headstone with the names. Chronicle. Moscow 1918 Funerals Hungarian Vinermana. Omsk. The obelisk in honor of the Hungarians. Hungarian prisoners of World War I period. Photo by K. Ligeti - Members of the revolution in Russia. October Revolution (Chronicle). Omsk prison, where he was shot by K. Ligeti. Colonel-General Klebnikov remembers Gavro (synchronously). Photos Hungarian internationalists: F. Munnich, M. Zalka. Hungarian soldiers return home. The demonstrations in Budapest. November 16, 1918. Proclamation of the Republic of Hungary. Bourgeois-democratic government. House down the street Varoshmayor, where on Nov. 24, 1918 was proclaimed the establishment of the Party of Hungarian Communists. Says I. Kelei (synchronously). Photos of the first Central Committee of Hungary. Photos B. Kuhn. B. Kuhn spoke with members of the Revolutionary Military Council of the Southern Front in Red Square. Demonstrations on the streets demanding the release of imprisoned B. Kuhn. May 1 in Budapest. B. Kuhn demonstrations. Entry in the Red Army. Fighting. Telegram B. Kuhn Lenin. Meeting with T. Szamuelly Podvoisky. May 25, 1919, Lenin, T. Szamuelly a parade of universal education. Speaker: Lenin, T. Samuel. Sending the Red Army to the border of Hungary. The French in Hungary. The head of Hungary - Horthy. March 1944 German tanks in Hungary. Clandestine Communist publications. Fighting Soviet troops in the streets of Budapest. Remembers I. Moravec (synchronously). Living in Hungary welcomed the Soviet soldiers. Soviet pilots, who 25 years ago, residents of Hungary L. Szabo, his wife and neighbor J. Klein saved the life from their planes on a visit. The cemetery of Soviet soldiers in Budapest.

Reel №1

K / hr.: Demonstration on Red Square on November 7, 1918 - the first anniversary of October - LS.

VI Lenin on the podium - MS.

Rare Photo: A group of young Hungarian Communist Party at the flag - MS., Ran over one of them - Janos Mayteni.

80-year-old Janos Mayteni, a math teacher at the school for working youth in Budapest, tells his students in the classroom on the first the October parade in Red Square, displays a photo of where he stands at the flag - CU., MS., (Synchronous).

Listen to students - MS., CU.

Lenin monument in Budapest - CU.

Hungarian youth at the monument - LS., MS., (Summer).

A festive demonstration on the square in Budapest - LS., MS.

Janos Kadar welcomed the demonstrators.

Performances of athletes.

Caption: "The 50th anniversary of the international brotherhood of the peoples of the Soviet Union and Hungary is dedicated."

Cap film.

Red Square - LS. plans (winter).

The Kremlin wall - CU., MS., (Hitting) - winter.

Snow-covered fir tree in the Kremlin Wall - MS.

A plaque with the names of famous people and revolutionaries in the field of burial at the Kremlin wall - CU., PNRM.

Plaques with the names of the first Commissioner of the Hungarian Soviet Republic Horak and soldiers-Hungarian Antal Moshoygo - CU.

Hungarian Embassy staff at the graves of the Hungarian revolutionaries.

Wreath - CU.

K / hr.

Funeral in 1918 in Moscow commander Alexandrov-division of Ai Lajos Vinermana - a funeral procession in the street, photography Vinermana against the memorial meeting (double exposure).

Obelisk in honor of Hungarian soldiers in October

Omsk (sculpture - the head of a warrior) - LS., CU.

The eternal flame at the monument - CU.

Are students - CU.

Carved on the monument poetic verse: "... you have to nurture the edge of another, but in the memory of his grateful you keeps Soviet Russia, as a mother's favorite sons." - CU.

K / hr.: The streets are Hungarian prisoners of war - LS.

Prisoners of war in the camp - MS.

Photo of one of the participants in the revolution and civil war Károly Ligeti, soldier, journalist, poet - CU., (Collisions).

Blizzard, blowing snow - LS.

Revolutionary soldiers and the people with slogans in the streets, the area; rally, throwing leaflets - CU., LS.

Animation: farmers dividing the land - MS.

Omsk prison - a lattice wall - MS., CU.

The bas-relief on the wall Ligeti (in Omsk prison Kolchak shot K. Ligeti).

Street name Ligeti in Omsk - CU., (Winter).

Photo Lajos Gavro - CU., (From left).

Gavro comrades-in-arms, Colonel-General NM, Khlebnikov and former brigade commissar Smokes talk about Gabriel (synchronously) - CU.

Photos young Gavro - MS.

A few photos of Hungarian internationalists - MS.

Photos: Feren Munnich, Mate Zalka, who fought in the Red Army - CU.

K / hr.: The Return of the Hungarian internationalists, former prisoners of war home - loaded into railroad cars - MS.

Reel №2

K / hr.: Revolutionary demonstration in Budapest, crackdown on demonstrators mounted and foot police.

Rallies, speeches - LS., MS.

(November 16, 1918 in Budapest, the Republic was proclaimed).

Pass demonstrators dropped leaflets welcomed the Soviet government.

Vroshmayor street, house number 42, where the November 24, 1918 was proclaimed the Hungarian Communist Party - MS., CU., LS.

The plaque on the house - MS., PNRM.

The people in the street near the house Varoshmayor 42 on the 50th anniversary.

The house cost János Kador and Jeno Fock - MS., CU.

Along the street there with his grandchildren and to the house № 42 Yola Kelen, widow of National Commissioner of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, the former owner of the apartment on the street Varoshmayor.

Yola says Kelen grandchildren at the house № 42 on the first organizational meeting of the Communist Party of the Hungarian - LS., CU., (Synchronous).

Listen to the boys - CU.

Photos of the first of the Central Committee of the party - LS.

Two photos of Bela Kun - leader of the Hungarian revolution, the head of the Central Committee - CU.

K / hr.

Speaker Bela Kun - MS., CU., (Summer).

Bela Kun, KE Voroshilov, S. Budyonny - MS., PNRM.

Bela Kun in Red Square with her daughter Agnes, freeze, hit a daughter - MS., (Winter).

About Bela Coons said his daughter Agnes widow Irene Kuhn and Kuhn (shot in their apartment in sync, the daughter spoke in Russian).

K / hr.

Rally in the square in Budapest, he was speaking - LS., MS.

Animation: a leaflet demanding release from prison all the revolutionaries arrested bourgeois-democratic government - MS.

Tollbooth: corridor, bolts and lock the camera, opens the cell door, which sat Bela Kun - LS., MS., CU.

K / hr.: Jubilant Square Hungarian people - LS., MS., PNRM.

The people playing Bela Kun - MS.

Come out of the building members of the Government of the Soviet Hungary, including Bela Kun - MS., LS.

One of the leaders of the Hungarian revolution Tibor Samueli in the car - MS.

Free May Day celebrations in Budapest - LS.

On the area of ​​waltzing.

Bela Kun on demonstrations - MS.

People recorded in the ranks of the Hungarian Red Army - MS.

According to the city are part of the newly formed Red Army (in civilian clothes, in uniform) - LS., MS.

Loading soldiers in wagons - MS.

Part of the Hungarian Red Army were fighting with counterrevolutionary forces of the Entente - LS., MS., (Summer).

Telegram Comrade Bela Kun.

Lenin about the difficult situation in the republic and asking for military support - MS.

Two photos Tibor Samueli (in the office at the table and the plane), aiming to Moscow - MS.

Photo: T. Samuel and NI Podvoisky encountered in Kiev - MS.

May 25, 1919 on Red Square are VI Lenin and Tibor Samueli came to the parade Vsevobuch - LS.

VI Lenin of the floor, standing next to Tibor Samueli - LS., MS., CU.

T. Samueli serves on Red Square - LS., CU.

By area, are part of the Red Army - LS., MS.

Photo: Lenin and Samuel held on Red Square.

Reel №3

Animation: old documents (orders, telegrams), showing by the Hungarian revolution by the young Soviet republic - CU.

K / hr.

Going to the front to the borders of Hungary sailors and soldiers of the Red Army, the loading of wagons is a train.

Horse racing.

Shoot a gun.

Soldiers are fleeing the attack.

Ships of the combined forces of the imperialist powers, surrounding revolutionary Hungary.


French soldiers in the streets of the Hungarian city.

Fascist dictator Horthy, who became the head of Hungary, after the defeat of the Hungarian Soviet Republic, which lasted 133 days.

Parade Stormtroopers Horthy.


Photos: questioning patriot, hungry children and women with bowls in their hands, the people in the square, the police crackdown on demonstrators, etc.

Hitler's tanks and troops on the streets of the Hungarian cities.

Type in the underground cellar of leaflets calling for the people to fight the invaders.

Soviet troops liberate the territory of Hungary from Nazi occupation: are tanks, firing rocket launchers ("Katyusha"), soldiers are street fighting.


Interview Irene Moravec (synchronous - tells how in 1945 the Soviet pilots rescued her and her children).

K / hr.: Soviet troops liberate trapped in the barn Hungarians Soviet officers among Hungarians.

Residents welcome Soviet soldiers.

Passing through the streets of the Soviet tanks.

Four young Soviet pilots officers of flowers are on the small side street in Budapest Yuteg are included in the courtyard of number three, whose residents Lajos Szabo, his wife This Sabo, their neighbor Janos Klein and his son Arpad 25 years ago saved the 4-Soviet officers.

Pilots kiss with the owners home.

Sabo wife, father and son Klein - CU.

Photo: 12-year-old Arpad a wall, behind which the wounded Soviet officers.

Janos Klein says.

Bunker house number 3, which was hidden by Soviet officers - MS.

Portraits officers rescued pilots: Nazyb Sultanov, Petr Malyshev, Alexander and Alexander Saloshenko Kovalyonok (influxes).

Young pilots give Hungarian patriots souvenirs.

Soviet military order on the breast L. Szabo, J. Klein - CU.

This Sabo with flowers - CU.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in

Szolnok - MS., PNRM.

Cemetery in Budapest, gravestones plate with Russian names - LS., CU., PNRM.

Graves of Soviet soldiers for the release of Mr.

Szolnok, Zoe Zhuravlev, who had come from Moscow, lays flowers at the grave of his father.

Monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators of Hungary in Budapest on Mount Gellert (sculpture of a woman with a palm branch) - MS., PNRM., Hitting.

Hungarians are - adults and children - CU., MS.

The Kremlin wall on Red Square in Moscow, wreaths at the wall - MS.

Memorial plates with the names of people buried in the Hungarian internationalist advocates October - CU.

Muscovites at the Kremlin Wall - MS., CU.

Budapest - from the helicopter and MS.

A star on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower - CU., PNRM.

K / hr.: VI Lenin and the other on Red Square during the parade November 7, 1918 - MS.

Photo: A group of Hungarian Communist Party at the flag - MS.