Land without Bread. (1932)

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Director: Luis Bunyuelj

Reel №1


Panorama Alberca, nishego village lost in the mountains.

The area in front of the church.

Traditional holiday on the area: horse racing.

Rural women hung with pagan amulets with children en hands


Typical street scenes: children twig urge on pigs


Other village-Baskuetas.

Scenes of poverty.

Despite the hunger, small children go to school.

Breakfast in front of the school: the children chewed biscuit, soaked in the creek.

School lessons.

The boy writes on the board: "Respect private property."

All of the children suffering from rickets.

A common disease-"goiter".

A woman with a huge "goiter" holds a child


How to make the earth to bring forth?

Farmers uproot bushes on the gentle slopes, burned through the forest as fertilizer.

For many kilometers perezozyat fertile soil in bags.

The narrow strip of cultivated land along the rivers


Mass emigration.

The peasants leave their villages.

Several days of travel to Castile or Extremadura with no bread and no money in search of work



Almost the entire population of patients with malaria.

Hunger and cross marriages lead to degeneration.

Group freaks and degenerates


Interior view of the peasant dwellings.

Dirt and anguish.

The death of a young child.

The corpse was transferred through the mountains: in the village do not have a cemetery.

In the streets of the ancient old woman goes: this "servant of death."

She rings the bell and calls always remember death

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