For the Maginot Line. (1940)

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Director: Pazhes Zhan. Pages Jean

Reel №1

Types of French.

The peasants and workers.

Views of Paris, rural landscapes.

Cadets of the Military Academy.

Parade of troops.


On the wall - the announcement of the mobilization.

Young people in front of the recruiting office.

Medical Commission.

The officer demonstrates rifle device.

Postman presents agenda.

Recruits, physical examination, issuing uniforms.

Placement of new recruits in the barracks.

Classes with military equipment.

Facades of different military institutions.

Assembly Hall Military Academy

Key words

France, peasants, workers, conscripts, mobilization, war 2 World

Reel №2

The classes in the reading room.

Military training.

Soldiers in masks.

Signalers, paratroopers, artillery.

Cavalry horses.

Mechanized parts.


The armored cars.

Teachings in the forest.


Cars with soldiers

Key words

France, exercises, soldiers, military equipment

Reel №3

Motorcyclists on the teachings.

Sport mechanics.

Repair and preparation voennnoy technology.

Multkarta: French border and Nazi Germany.

Maginot Line.

The fortifications and bunkers on garnitse. "Maginot barracks."

Groups of soldiers out of the barracks.

Underground galleries in the forts of the Maginot.

Soldiers in the underground fortifications.

Diagram showing a system of underground fortifications, mines, offices.

The device underground barracks.

The soldiers of the garrison, their way of life.

Minister of National Security.


Daladier in his office.

Military commanders have maps

Key words

France, exercises, strengthening, gos.deyateli, generals, soldiers, War World 2

Reel №4

Communication with the capital garrison the Maginot.

Drills in garrison.

Charges soldiers.

All services are in place.

Military equipment is on alert.

The trains with tanks, armored cars, and others.


Establish communication.

Command post

Key words

France, exercises, soldiers, military equipment, alarm

Reel №5

Preparation of the artillery.

Dig trenches.

Wire fences.

Military factory, ready shells.

The military command.

artillery firing.

Shooting at the planes.


Peace picture tractors on the field

Key words

France, plant, artillery, aviation, teaching, military leaders