Glorious Traditions.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Shirman T.

Script writers: Belyaev A.


An historic film about military parades held in the Red Square from 1919 to 1969.

Temporary description

Part I. City of Moscow. Military parade on Nov. 7, 1967. Present: AA Grechko, Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin. Personnel chronicles the period of the revolutionary events of 1917 and the Civil War, a parade on Red Square in 1918, there are: Lenin, Krupskaya, Dzerzhinsky, Lenin's speech, a military parade in 1925, M . Frunze toured the troops, a military parade in 1932, the military maneuvers in 1938, there Voroshilov and Budyonny, HR Chronicle of the Second World War, the military parade on Nov. 7, 1941. Germany. Personnel news: A. Hitler rides in the car, the people welcomed Hitler, A. Hitler, Goring H., B. Mussolini from the map. Part II. Personnel chronicle of the Second World War: fighting the Soviet troops, firing Katyusha rockets, the capture of the Reichstag, movement of columns of German soldiers captured on the streets of Moscow Victory Parade in Red Square June 26, 1945. Movement of Soviet nuclear submarine. 1964 May Day parade on Red Square. Exercises "Dnipro" in autumn 1967. Military parade on Nov. 7, 1967.

Reel №1

Troops, built on the Red Square parade for November 7, 1967, the day of the fiftieth anniversary of Soviet power - LS. (With a / t).

Soldiers, uniformed soldiers and sailors in Budenovka, clothing working groups - fighters for Soviet power in the Great October Socialist Revolution and the Civil War.

Moscow garrison soldiers in the colony on the Red Square - MS., CU.

Defense Minister Marshal AA Grechko, a speech from the podium of the Mausoleum of VI Lenin (synchronously).

Warriors listen - CU.

On Red Square in review columns are the Moscow Garrison - different.

On the mausoleum of VI Lenin LI Brezhnev, NV Podgorny, AN Kosygin, AA Grechko during the military parade - MS.

On Red Square are warriors, uniformed soldiers of the revolutionary period of 1917.

It takes a column, passing carts, armored personnel carriers of the Civil War.

Veteran of the revolution with the guest stands watching parade - CU.

Newsreel 1918:

Formation of the Red Army marches Red, sailors, equipment orders, going to the defense of the Soviet regime.

Palace Square Petrograd, filled with people - PNRM., LS.

Photo: Record volunteers in the Red Army.

Poster of the Civil War: "You signed up to volunteer?» - CU.

Newsreel 1918:

Red Education military affairs.

Parade of the Red Army at the Khodynka May 1.

VI Lenin, NK Krupskaya, MI Ulyanov in the car after the parade.

The cavalry of the Red Square.

Newsreel 1919:

VI Lenin at the parade on November 7.

At the parade pass APCs.

Performance of VI Lenin from a balcony in front of the Moscow Soviet Red Army soldiers going to the front (synchronously).

Red Army soldiers listen to - MS.

Newsreel, 1918-1923,.:

Sending soldiers and ammunition to the front.

Red Army soldiers sit on an armored train.

Bombardment of enemy positions with armored - different.

Soviet pilot prepares for take-off and rises into the air on a plane, captured from the enemy.

Airplane (foreign) in the air - LS.

Budyonny Cavalry in service - different.

Newsreel 1925:

Military parade on Red Square, M. Frunze travels on horseback from the Spassky Gate, built for the parade toured army, Marshal of the Soviet Union military units to the Mausoleum of VI Lenin (old building).

Rides horses and military equipment (armored cars) - Various.

Newsreel of the 20's.:

Industrial landscape - LS.

Steelworkers at the stove - LS.

The descent from the conveyor of the first domestic tractor - LS.

The first tractor "FCZ» - CU.

On Red Square passing the first domestic car - LS.

Newsreel 30's.:

The first domestic aircraft over Red Square - LS.

The first home tanks at a military parade - MS.

Over Red Square fly airplanes.

Hitler rides a car on a city street.

The people on the street and from the windows of houses greet Hitler, Nazi flags on buildings.

Hitler, Goering, Mussolini, and others at the map division of the world.

Explosions and fire bombs from the Italian on the ground Abyssinia.

Nazi planes in the air over the Spanish land.

Madrid residents fleeing down the street in a bomb shelter during the raid Nazi bombers.

Tactical maneuvers of the Red Army in a military districts - different.

Foreign military experts observe the teachings of Soviet troops.

Actions of Soviet aviation, infantry, armored units, aviadesantnikov in exercises.

KE Voroshilov, S. Budyonny watches the military exercises.

Tank new model, developed by Soviet specialists, overcomes the river barriers of anti-tank obstacles - LS.

Soldiers returning from the exercise, the people in the towns and villages with flowers greets them joyfully welcomed.

Women soldiers are treated fruit, milk.

Newsreel 1941:

Nazi infantry fighting position, are tanks, fly planes, bombing civilian towns and villages of the Soviet Union, Nazi aircraft.

Explosions bombs on Soviet soil.

Fascist is the burning village.

The onset of Nazi troops in Moscow.

German officers look to Moscow with binoculars.

Military parade on Red Square on November 7.

Speech IV Stalin Mausoleum before the parade participants.

March of the Soviet troops and the people's militia in Red Square (in the form of winter, armed, ready immediately after the parade to be sent to the front).

By area, passing Soviet tanks "T-34".

Tank units from the parade head for the front - LS., MS., CU.

Reel №2

Newsreel 1941:

The counter-offensive of the Western Front on the outskirts of Moscow against the German troops.

Volleys of guns, shooting rocket launchers "Katyusha", the offensive infantry and tanks and aircraft.

Explosions in the location of Hitler's parts.

PNRM. battlefield near Moscow after the defeat of Hitler's troops: Broken German military vehicles, the bodies of soldiers and officers in the snow, mixed with ground explosions of shells.

Soviet soldiers escorting a large group of prisoners the Nazis on a snowy field near Moscow.

In the streets of Moscow are columns of prisoners Nazi soldiers and officers, Muscovites are looking at prisoners - LS., MS., CU.

Newsreel 1945:

The Soviet offensive on Berlin volleys of guns.

Warrior charges cannon shell with the inscription: "The Reichstag» - CU.

The Soviet soldiers are fighting for the capture of the Reichstag in Berlin - different.

Fireworks in Moscow in honor of the victory over Nazi Germany - LS.

Victory Day parade on Red Square in Moscow - LS.

Soviet soldiers throw banners and standards of Hitler's army to the foot of the Mausoleum of VI Lenin.

Nazi flags and banners at the foot of the mausoleum.

Classes higher command of the Soviet Army in one of the military academies.

The next meeting of the Political Consultative Committee - the Warsaw Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in Sofia.

LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, AA Gromyko, head of delegations from other countries at the meeting.

Newsreel 1957:

Military parade on Red Square to mark the 40th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution on November 7 - LS.

By area, deadheading nuclear weapons.

Foreign military representatives on the guest bleachers pictures missiles.

Newsreel 1964:

Military rocket firing point.

Warriors lead missile on alert.

Take-off missiles.

The missile hit the target in the air.

Pops submarine - LS.

Starting combat missile from a submarine - LS., MS.

Starting combat missile from the aircraft.

Rocket knocks target in the air.

Soviet nuclear submarine sails, sail under the Arctic ice to the North Pole, and risen to the surface of the ocean.

Landscape of the North Pole - LS.

The crew of the submarine sets up the Soviet flag over the North Pole.

Soviet flag over the North Pole - CU.

Soviet soldiers salute the flag.

Gun salute in honor of the beginning of the parade on May 1 at the Red Square in Moscow.

Parade on the Red Square is the missile defense technology.

Foreigners on the guest stands during the parade, one of them pictures of the parade.

Passing underwater missile - LS.

Missiles of all sizes and purposes - CU., MS.

Flying military jets - are different.

Soviet warships at sea - different.

Submarine at sea.

Starting combat missile from the ship.

Photo: modern warship - CU.

Amphibious assault exercises (exercises).

Rockets, guided missiles, tanks, amphibious - MS., CU.

Military exercises "Dnieper" involving different types of troops - defense units, tanks, aircraft - aircraft and landing - different.

Belarusian residents of villages and towns meet soldiers returning from military exercises, presented his "bread and salt", and flowers.

One of the leaders of the exercise "Dnepr", Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR Marshal Matvei Zakharov said about loyalty of the armed forces of the Soviet motherland, the people, the party (synchronously).

Military parade on Red Square to mark the 50th anniversary of Soviet power on 7 November: receiving military equipment - artillery, tanks and missiles.

Warriors have children on their shoulders in Red Square - LS.

Spectators welcome guest platform soldiers - LS.