Victory over Versailles. (1939)

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Reel №1


Show success of the National Socialist expansion. 1935-1939 gg.

March 1938 Czechoslovakia becomes a "protectorate."

Many fascist banners with swastikas.

Drummers and buglers.

The station, the train approaches.

From the car goes, Hitler, he is greeted by the military.

A crowd of people.

Goring takes the podium, his speech.

Hitler hears.

The border of Austria, the border post.

The bridge goes the German cavalry.

Journey through the ancient gates of the city, on the street, dammed by the people who welcomed the troops.

Machine with Hitler.

Throw flowers, waving Nazi flags.

The crowd in the square, Hitler goes to the podium.

Hall, Goering's speech.

German cavalry on the highway, on a forest road.

Czechoslovak border.

Joining forces in Prague.

The bell tolls.

Over the bridge built symbolic gate with swastika.

They're coming tanks.

Girls in national costumes greeted Hitler.

Hitler welcomes people.

Children Trays him flowers.

Zeppelin above the city, the top view.

Hitler in the car, staring at the sky.

Brno cathedral over it Zeppelin.

Highway with cars.

Speech Hering

Key words

Czechoslovakia, Hitler gos.simvoly, military leaders, Austria, the border troops, bridge, military equipment

Reel №2

Opens page codex.

City Rachina, its ancient buildings, churches, statues.

National dance.

Shepherd with his whip the herd.

The man in the field, looking ears, women reap bread.

View of the city from the river, the bridge.

Cathedral, old streets, fortress.

Top view, PNRM. around town.

Sculpture on the cathedral.

German troops enter the city

Key words

Czechoslovakia, the cathedral, the castle, the peasants, sculpture, troops, War World 2

Reel №3

Residents of the city.

The Germans on horseback with banners.

Horse Artillery, cars, motorcycles.


Aircraft over the city.


Newspaper headlines about the introduction of Nazi troops in Memel (Klaipeda).

The German navy in the sea.

Hitler was on the ship.

The guns of the ship.


Headlines - Memel free.

Travel on the road to the city.

Residents welcome the troops slogans.

Trucks with German soldiers.

German sailors marching through the city.

Ship with Hitler on board.

Hitler down to the boat, swim to the shore.

The volleys of cannon.

Warship near.

Cruiser, the team on board.

PNRM. along the shore.

Hitler goes down with the ship.


Planes fly in threes.

Women tray Hitler flowers.

Travel around the city.

Above the building raised the Nazi flag.

Local Police.

Hitler passes through the crowd of people.

On the Square is a meeting

Key words

Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, machinery military, air force, Hitler, Navy, gos.simvoly, police, rally

Reel №4

Hitler was among the officers.

Speech Goering handshake.


Slogan, greeting Hitler.

Banner with a swastika.

Pass Hitler and Goering.

Fireworks in Memel.

The cars passing by.

Light projectors.

The crowd in the square.

Goes machine.

Hitler opens onto a balcony.

Goering, other officers

Key words

Hitler, fireworks, military leaders, gos.simvoly

Reel №5

Goering and other officers from the official (governor?) Pass the guard of honor.

Anti-urchins, torn wires, destroyed homes.



The building protectorate German soldiers.

View of the city, its castle.

Residents are leaving the city, crying women.

Go soldiers.

Run over by a pontoon bridge.


Soldiers go on bicycles on the road.


They're coming car.

Cyclists, motorcyclists.


Residents greeted the troops.

Street Prague.

In the area of ​​German technology.

People inspect the tanks, cars.

Local police talking with German soldiers.

Soldiers are buying potatoes, eat.


Drive through the German troops on motorcycles, cars, tanks.

City tram goes past the tank.

Trucks with soldiers passing through the gate.


Hitler by car.

Progress on the area through the system.

The wounded, residents.

Hitler shakes hands.

Newspaper headlines about Prague.

Article Goebbels marked lines.

Aircraft over the city.


Tape the name of the street.

Summer shooting.

Top view of the streets and squares.

Hitler goes through the system.

Travel by car on the area.

Mayor and Hitler go up the stairs, they were on the balcony

Key words

Czechoslovakia, Hitler troops, military equipment, people, injured, Air Force soldiers, the bridge, the castle, the media, celebrities