Word and deed. (1938)

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Director: Gustav Uchickij

Reel №1


Pictures of the revolution of 1918 Running people.

The crowd on the streets.

People with leaflets.

Speaker at the red flag.

Another speaker.pnrm. the streets filled with demonstrators.

A female speaker.

Demonstrators in front of the Reichstag


Women with a placard, "Women and girls of the second branch of the Union of Moabit".

The closed gates of the factory.

Speaker at the tree.

Soldiers in helmets.


Dancing feet "girls".


Bourgeois drink champagne.

The torso of the dancer.


Dancing "girls".

Feet and legs of workers.

The speaker on the podium.


Another speaker.


Poster:"Vote for list N 4,for Democrats".

Posters of "people's"party,"SPD", etc


Police chasing demonstrators.

Official guest of the honor guard passes.

The old man on the street.

The police and the crowd.


Election poster of the Nazi-list No. 9.Calls to vote for different lists.

Hitler on the podium.

He says the role of Germany in the world, about the need to restore its prestige.

On the podium-Otto Braun /March 1932/.

They talk about the falsehood of the slogans of the Nazis and calls for the protection of the Republic of


Hitler's Speech.

It welcomes people.

Hitler said that national socialism is a genuine defender of the interests of the working class.

Construction work.

March participants HAPPY-labor front.


Hitler talks about the construction of the new Germany.


The workers at work.

Expenditures on road construction: 1932 - 440 million marks,1937 1 billion 450 million.

The appearance of the finished highway


Speech By Goebbels.

He talks about the attention of Hitler-Builder of the new state-to build a new Germany.

On the background of the speeches of Goebbels, there emerges a panorama of the Olympic stadium in Munich.

The members of the Hitler youth go with the song.

Young people on holiday.

Youth camping,bathing.

Acts as Baldur von Schirach,who speaks about the role of youth in building the new Germany.

Data on the growth of the so-called"winter aid".

To the needy distribute shoes,clothing,collected right, "winter aid"


On the podium-Goering.

He suggests that the broad masses of the German people had the opportunity to work.

Miner in the mine.

Data on the growth of brown coal mining,production of cars,the growth of agricultural products.

The background is showing various agricultural activities.

Shop stellitano plant.

Data on the growth in steel production,pulp.




Data on the growth of housing construction.


Data on the growth of port traffic,the growth of artisanal products.

The ship.


The text of what is on earth first arose the state of workers


The sail of the ship of society "Strength through joy"/"Kraft durch the Freud"/.

Parade of the Wehrmacht.


Marching soldiers.

Planes in the air




Acts Of Mussolini.

He talks about protecting the world,the friendship between the German and Italian peoples


Planes in the air.

Night parade



The accession of the Nazis in Vienna.

Cheering crowds of people.

Hitler's speech welcoming the return of Austria to the German Reich

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