The construction of the new state. (1929)

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Reel №1


General view of residence of the SPD.The last meeting of the leadership of the SPD before the Congress.

Map of Germany,illustrating the itineraries of the delegations to the Congress in Magdeburg.

The train on the way.

Panorama Magdeburg.





Building polizeiprasidium.

The traces of fire 1919 the Building of the land court,where a process of F. Ebert Foundation.

The old town hall.

The Mayor Of Magdeburg BIMS.

Remains of the fortress walls.


Parts of the Park.

Homes for the workers.

Old town.

The narrow street.

New residential neighborhoods.

Travel camera by new neighborhoods.


Cooperative mill.

The building where the Congress is held.

The arrival of the members of the leadership of the SPD

Key words

Germany, public organizations, Congress, delegation, river, bridge, industry, Cathedral, State.facilities, churches, swimming pool, mill

Reel №2


A meeting of the Presidium of the SPD before the opening of the Congress.

Posters and publication of the SPD.The registration of delegates.

Torchlight procession of young people on the eve of the opening of the Congress.

Arrival of delegates.

Delegates with banners.

Delegates leave the ship on which they arrived.

The solemn procession.


The Congress delegates.

Led-Board members/leadership/.

The youth in the solemn procession.

The procession passes bridge-Ebert-Stiftung.

The rally in the square Ehrenhof.

Speech Perla.pnrm. the courtroom.

Speech By Otto Wels.

The solemn procession

Key words

Germany, the Congress, the delegation of the State.figures, personalities, social organizations, media, youth, demonstration, GOS.symbolism, rally

Reel №3


A delegate Muller.

Speech By Otto Braun.


Solemn procession through the streets of Magdeburg.


The intervention of the delegate of the bath house.

The Delegation Of Denmark.

The delegation sent to the meeting.

Hall of the Congress.

The report reads Hans Vogel.

Delegate William Dittman speaks about the politics of the SPD in the field of defense.

Statement of the Treasurer of the SPD.Information about membership in the SPD and the votes received by party on elections poldini.

Reports on the activities of Arthur Crispien

Key words

Germany, the Congress of State.institutions, delegation, personnel, orchestra, demonstration

Reel №4


Presentation by delegates of Mary Which.

She talks about the role of women in politics and the economy.

Speech by Carl Schreck on the role of sport.

Speech of William Bock-Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

The members of the Supervisory Board at work.

Max Westphal on the role of youth.

Delegates leave the building Congress and go on break


Water festival of the SPD.Delegates and guests with torches.

Departure of delegates



The Imperial Chancellery.

Chancellor Muller at work.

The Minister of internal Affairs, Severing at work.

The Ministry of labour.

General appearance.

Labour Minister Wissel at work.

The Prussian Landtag.

The President of the Prussian Landtag and to the Prime Minister Prossimi Otto brown at work.

Brown talks with the Minister of internal Affairs of Prussia Grzesinski.

Reichstag building.

General appearance.

The President of the Reichstag the social Democrats Leba

Key words

Germany, Congress, youth, women, personalities, sports Germany, Congress, festival, delegation Germany, State.the institutions of the State.figures, personalities