Corsica. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Bernar I.K. Bernard J.C

Operators: Teri Moris. Thery Maurice

Reel №1

The geographical position of Corsica.

The main cities.


Everywhere monuments of Napoleon.

His name - in the name of the promenade, plazas, streets, cafes and boutiques. on the street Bonaparte Ajaccio main attraction - the house where Napoleon was born.

Memorialanya board with the date of his birth.

Men untangle fishing nets.

Palm alley.

Men at cafe table drinking anise liqueur.

Outside the city, along the Gulf - villas, beaches, nature.

The chain of mountains which divides Corsica into two parts: the political capital - Ajaccio and trading - Bastia.

Index - a town Olmeto - literary capital of Corsica, birthplace of Colombo.

At one of the houses - a plaque: "In this house in 1861 at the age of 96 years died Colomba Carabelli - the heroine of the novel Merimee - the perfect embodiment of the energy and courage of the Corsican women."

Types of Corsica: houses, pier, plains, mountains.

Wild Corsica - cliffs.

City - the citadel of Bonifacio.

The narrow streets, the procession.


The Last House on the French separates Corsica from Sardinia, Italy.

Sea, coast.

In the east grow tobacco.

Tobacco plantation.

Women harvested tobacco leaves, strung them on the needle and leave to dry in the sun.

Men are engaged in cattle breeding - bred sheep

Key words

France, island, architecture, literature, monuments, history, personalities, the port, the mountains, the sea and attractions

Reel №2

Mountain settlement.

The mountain forest.


A flock of sheep on a mountain road.

Wild boar in the forest.

Mountain river.


South village that has preserved the archaic tradition: women in black, the procession, Church, home.

Around the village of Maki.

Forest fires. the vegetation of Corsica.

Men with guns are hunting for a wild boar

Key words

Corsica, France, mountains, animals, domestic, fire, plants

Reel №3

Bridges, gorges, mountain river.

Horse drinking.

The town of Corte - the center of the struggle for the independence of Corsica.

Monument to General Jean-Pierre Gafforov - commander in chief Corsicans (18th century).

Ponte Nuovo.

Flock of sheep at the river.

Palm trees and other vegetation.

Bastia - largest city.

Horse-drawn carriages.

In the north - Cape Calvi - local "Côte d'Azur".


Quay with palm trees.



Fishermen prepare the network.

Plaque - Calvi - the birthplace H.Kolumba.

The boys take out the network to the fish.



Les Calanches.

Mrskie landscapes

Key words

France, Corsica, bridge, mountains, monuments, sea