True (1933)

Documentary №67800, 4 parts, black-white
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A film about the thorny path of German workers. Propaganda film about the elimination of unemployment in Nazi Germany. The film was shot in an expressionistic manner. Bell ringing, steam. Sounds a funeral March. Against the background of darkening the speaker is saying about jobs, inflation, corruption and the role of the Fuhrer. Various production processes at the factories: spinning wheel of the machine, the worker cleans the part, blacksmiths beating hammer. The power line poles. Working down through the pipe on a metal ladder. Workers carry a log. Metallurgical plant, working press. Workers ' hands on the wheel. Workers transfer bricks, pull the rope. Spinning wheels of the train. Roll call workers. Document October 8, 1932 on the crisis. In Germany unemployment. Before the workers closed the factory gates, hand break stick, clean the working table. The stamp in the workbook resignation. Supine hands on his knees, playing cards, dark faces of the workers, the bottle. The worker goes home

Reel №1

Key words

Germany, propaganda, unemployment, factory workers, the crisis

Reel №2

Work at home, lights a lamp, clock strikes.

The poor conditions in the house.

Man listening to headphones in the receiver, the music, he turns off the stimulation.

Beat the clock, it is a bottle on the table.

Swinging pendulum of a clock, calendar sheets fall.

Do not turn the wheels of the train.

The gates of the plant shut.

Moon in the clouds, tree silhouettes, lantern without the fire.

Unemployed goes through puddles, climb over the fence into the territory of the plant, looks at the plant, pipe, broken windows, debris.

Silhouette - workers throw bricks, smash hammer, chop board.

Crumbling masonry bricks, bricks thrown into the water.

Brny stream ripples.

Working grimly looks at the pipe factory, runs along the walls of the plant razrushnennogo

Key words

Germany, the workers, unemployment, factory

Reel №3

Newspaper of February 21, 1932.

Hands in chains.

A poster campaigning for the election of Hitler.

The drummer beats the roll.

Working with the hammer and sickle goes through a gauntlet of teammates, is working with the torch.

Hands holding weapons.

On the table flying coins.

Workers read the newspaper.

Workers at the rally.

Start riots, strikes, clashes with the police.

The symbolic scythe of death.

Workers fired, screaming.

In response knocks the gun.

The dead workers.

Sound the horns.

Worker lifting a rock, the waves rolled on shore, mountains in the clouds.

The fact that Hitler's speech with promises.

The sky rushing clouds, rolling waves.

Listen to the workers, the stone falls from his hands.

The plow plowed land

Key words

Germany, campaign, election, working, meeting, strike, police, killed

Reel №4

Listen to the workers, sounds like Hitler's speech.

Falling trees, rolling waves.

Trumpeting horns, smoke pipe plants.

Factory gate open.

Resumes the stopped enterprises, the unemployed get jobs.

Working with song structure go to the factory.

Working machines, planer removes chips, spinning wheels, transmission belts.

Diggers for rabotayut.

Factory floor, flying metallicheskaja shavings from the drill.

Workers carry a log.

Out of the trucks poured earth.

Working machines of a textile factory.

Workers raise the head.

The arms raised the hammer and sickle.

Nazi swastika

Key words

Germany, the workers, the factory, the factory, gos.simvoly, radio, Hitler

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