The vicissitudes of fate. (1939)

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Director: Iogannes Hojssler,Valjter Shejneman

Operators: Rudi Viljd

Reel №1

A documentary on the formation of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

Historical background of the formation of the state of the Holy Roman Empire.

Map Bohemia region of the kingdom.


The manuscript printing.

Old buildings Czech cities.

Historical figures in Prague sculpture Kaiser Barbarossa in the square, a portrait of King Charles IV. Ancient fortresses, bridges, buildings, city, tower chasy.1 first German university in Prague.

Views of Prague, Charles Bridge.

Wealth Bohemia.

The village herds.

The farmer carries hay.

Forest in the mist, floating raft on the river with hay, a water mill.

Women work on the field.

Peasant courtyard.

Cows pass ford Bridge.

Grazing flock of sheep.

Evening landscape with the river



Mountains of Slovakia, its landscapes.

Genesis of Slovak peasants.

Ploughing on a horse, a woman throws grain into the ground.

National costumes of peasants, people go to church.

Women spun carpet.

Herds, flocks graze.

Farmers harvested grain


Map of Europe, Germany, Austria-Hungary.

Education of Czechoslovakia in 1919.

In the north German state of Czechoslovakia Sudetenland.

Coat of arms of Czechoslovakia with a lion.

The border guard speaks with residents.

Pointers on the German and Czech yazykahCheshskaya customs.

The border guard inspects the car, checking documents in humans.

Statesmen drove up to the building.

It Benes in the hall.

People holiday, people from different parts of the country.

The factory in the Sudetenland, a worker with a pickaxe



Sudetenland, where the majority of the population-the Germans.

Carlsbad / Karlovy Vary / Marienbad / Marianske Lazne /.

German masters: embroidery, lace, violin maker at work, chasing, metal, puts a stigma on the vessel, a weaver for the machine.

Due to the Czech competition ostyutsya people out of work.

Stopped the factories.

The inscriptions in the German and Czech languages ​​to close.

Closes the mine gates, abandoned equipment.

House workers, running children, people discuss the situation.

The family in a shack, wagon rides through the mud holes in the roof can be seen, destroyed the furnace.

Old married couple in the courtyard of the house, the old woman is spinning



The struggle of the National Socialists for the Sudetenland.

The call to vote for the list 1.Natsisty room in white shirts with slogans on the street.

The slogan on the wall: "The German voters are against terror", 91 votes Germans.

Parade of German stormtroopers rally

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Reel №2



The Jewish population of the Czech Republic.

Caption: Karlovy Vary-Carlsbad.

View of the city from the top.

Selling flowers on the street.


The inhabitants,old men with beards.

Sign: Haim Isidore Goldschmidt,banker.

Beautiful home.

Vacationers at the resort,sunbathe on the loungers

Key words

Germany, Czechoslovakia, Jews, resort, vacation, people, elderly people, personalities, sale, flowers

Reel №3



Newspapers Germany 1935 with headlines about the conflict on the border of Bohemia /Czechs in the direction of the German border town/.

German troops enter the Sudetenland,are soldiers with guns.

Cavalry,aircraft,tanks in the attack.

From the window displayed a white flag.

City in the smoke,in the bet window is visible dent from a bullet.

The ruins of the Prague refugees.

Broken German folk school,class inside of the Desk,the clock on the wall.

Wounded residents,refugees sit on the ground.

Diplomats are leaving the country.

Mobilization of stormtroopers.

Volunteers on bicycles.

The meeting in the hall under the slogan: "We want free German humane life","We want to go home to the Reich".

The audience raising their arms in a Nazi salute,shouting "Heil!".

Stand with the slogan "Free the Sudetenland".

Go volunteer with a gun,sit in the trucks.

Newspapers with headlines about the mobilizations in France and England.

Rallies,seeing the soldiers.

The signing of the Munich agreement,giving Sudetenland Germany



Frustrated Czech inscriptions.

Residents are happy,greeted the troops with flowers.

The barrier opens,the Germans entered the city.

Marines with the banner.

Removed the barrier.

Riding motorcycles,cars,carts.

Children pull hands in salute.

The Sudetenland meet the Fuhrer.

Hitler takes the salute.

Hitler on the machine,he was presented with a bouquet of flowers.

People scream,greet the leader.

In the Sudetenland trucks in food,textiles,paper.

On the street, working kitchens,to feed the population.

Returns the name of carlsbad.

Cars trucks the Nazi party in Prague.

Food warehouse,residents distribute bread.

Chef making soup in huge pots,long tables at which they feed people.

Children smile.

Residents give clothes,shoes

Key words

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Reel №4



The destroyed railway track,begin work on reconstruction.

German soldiers riding on the trolley at the restored road.

The restoration of the bridge,the train,the switchman moves the arrow.

Pick the fallen Telegraph poles.

The railroad.

The rise of the flag,by order of the Nazis is Hess.

He's on a construction site,throwing the first shovel of earth in the cart,working with the trucks,remove the boulders from the ground.

The train goes to the forest



Newspapers about the riots and terror in Czechoslovakia.

German troops are on the road,the cavalry,cannons, horse-drawn,in the woods riding tanks.

The headlines about the devastation in Prague,Hungary joins the Carpathians.

The map,marked Bohemia-Slovakia.

The President of Czechoslovakia, Dr Hacha arrives in Berlin,he meets poetry guard.

German troops enter Prague.

Residents joyfully greeted them.

Vista Nazi flags.

Parade of German troops,the aircraft,which receives Hitler.

He's in the car,shakes hands with the residents


Czech Republic.

March 1939, the adoption of the law on education of the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, paragraph 3 of autonomy.

Hitler arrives in Prague by train.

The train leaves Hitler, Goering, Goebbels, and others.

Motorcade through the city.

The cheers of the inhabitants.

Lights lamps and lanterns, fireworks.

Square with a crowd of people.

Hitler opens to a balcony.


The map of Germany, including the Czech Republic.

Hitler in the window.

The swastika

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