Work and defense. (1930 - 1939)

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Propaganda film.

Nowadays, people work in factories, mines and workshops.

A scientist at the microscope, the engineer behind the drawing board, the farmer in the field


In the recent past: the riots in the streets, people have enough police.

Workers armed, fighting on the barricades.

Police on horseback.


Germaniya.24 April 1932 declared the elections.

Slogans: work-work, children-bread.

Electoral BULLETIN N 1, the Social Democrats.

Agitators with shields of different parties.

On the bridge brought down pedestrians.

Man feeds baby from a bowl.

In the country the economic crisis, poverty, unemployment.

The impoverished environment of a large family.

Port, instead of building a pile of scrap metal



Lei speech to the National Socialist Party and Hitler.

There is a "Labor Front".

The workers go to the factory, work on the construction, welder working at the dock, the production processes in the steel shop.

Workers can now rest on the sea.

There is a train, rest on the sea.

Nature Germany.

Grazing flock.

Deer in the forest.

Running mountain stream.


Vessels heading north, the ice on the water, to the south, the palm trees.

Go squads "Labour Front".

Working on bikes going to the factory.

Speaker Lei.

The swastika, Nazi flags.

People holiday, people in national costumes and dances.

Maypole ribbons


Speech by Goering on weapons and combat power in Germany.

Hitler created an army for Germany.

Parades of National Socialism.

Old news: models of tanks, visible legs running in these layouts soldiers.

Map of Europe, a symbolic image of the armed encirclement of Germany by other countries.

German tanks at the parade and exercises.

Shoot guns.

Aircraft on the field and in the air.

Combat ships at sea.

Goering's speech.

Parade of troops in the city, residents welcomed them.

The military ship, the sailors on board.

The squadron in the sea.

Demonstrating the power of the German aviation.

Aircraft "Luftwaffe", a huge number of aircraft on the field.

Chronicle of the 1st World War: the famous aviator Belka, his funeral, the pilot Inneman smiling for the camera.

Goering in the squadron.

A military band played in the hall


Hitler on the balcony, the crowd at the bottom.

Night parade of fascists, banners with swastikas.

This Hitler behind the scenes about the revival of the German army.

Fascists with torches, removes cameraman.

The rally, on the balcony of Hitler and other Nazi leaders

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