40 years movie. (1935)

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Director: Liko S.Lui. Licot Louis S.

Operators: Leklerk Zh. Bej Zh. Dyuamelj Zh. Leclerc J. Baye G. Duhamelle J.

Reel №1

Photos of movie stars.

Posters of cinemas.

Insight into the vehicles, which allows to "revive" the picture.

A visit to Louis Lumiere.

Shooting an interview in his office.

The Maestro behind a Desk.

The story about the first films.

The plaque, where 28 December 1893 was held the first film screening.

Device camera

Key words

France, movies, photos, personalities

Reel №2

The first films of Louis Lumière "workers exiting the factory" (1894), "arrival of a train at the station of La Ciotat" (1894), "feeding the baby" (1894), "out of the port of La Ciotat" (1895). 1925 Congress of operators in the house Hubbub.

Louis lumière and léon Gaumont.

The first film of Edison in America "At the bar" (1897) with a length of 4 meters. "Cycling" (1918) - the first German film.

Apparatus for film scoring.

Leon Gaumont already in 1901 tried to record the sound (the scene: trumpeter plays the trumpet).

Excerpts from sound of the movies (operas)

Key words

France, cinemas, invention convention, personalities

Reel №3

The first scene in slow motion. 1903.

The first shooting of the operator of the aircraft.

The first woman pilot Annie Tailor. 1907.

Photography contest "Miss Elegance", the first German airship.

The first cartoon Gaumont "Le Fetard" (1908). 1913.

Travel through the streets of Berlin, the Queen of Denmark.

Military chronicle.

After the war, the Noise takes a series of movies "pax" (Pax).

A series of films nick Carter, based on which Fritz lang film "woman in the moon".

Shooting pavilion, installation of scenery, models of rockets, shooting off.

Mock moon landing.

The shooting of metropolis, the underground city, the flood.

A scientist creates an artificial woman.

The layout for the landing of aircraft at sea.

Film set in the film.

The job of a sound engineer, cameraman, script girl, the driver, the Director

Key words

France, cinema, competition, the chronicle, animated, personalities

Reel №4

The technological process of working on a film: the development of the negative, fixer, drying and assembling.

Check-view movies.

The operator on the streets.

Shoot various events and people (Madame Curie).

Louis Lumière

Key words

France, movies, personalities