Parade. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Kurt Rupli/Kurt Rupli/

Operators: Aljbert Benitc,Kurt Shtanke,Ervin Blik-Vagner,Erih Mencelj,Benno Stinauer,Gerhard Bejssert,Otto Martini

Reel №1


The headquarters of the preparation for the parade.

On the rack hang caps, helmets.

The chief of staff read out raspredelenie officers of the military units participating in the parade/to 50,000/.

The pieces on the field, there are cars.

Soldiers were talking and getting ready.

The sailors, the commander adjusts the cap of a sailor.

The musicians clean their instruments.

Soldiers and sailors wash, clean shoes.

On the field, set a large tent, sanitary tent.

Cleaning and training horses.

Military field kitchen handing out food


The headquarters for the preparation of the parade.

The Secretary calls the officer on the phone.

On the distribution of parts.

Preparation of stands and their knock together,painted,decorated with Nazi symbols.

Sprinkler cleans the street leading to the Brandenburg gate.

The headquarters is the distribution on the parts diagram of the troops.

Asphalt paint write the parts place.

In the headquarters collection of the heads of the police.

The truck with the fire brigade standing by.

Marching sailors.

From the carriage the soldiers leading the horses


Officer on horseback commanding a detachment of cavalry.the arrival of the parts in place,are tanks,artillery,infantry units.

The Brandenburg gate decorated with flags.

The sidewalk reels,helmets.

Bus communication,the communicators receive messages.

Part of preparing for the parade,cleaning their weapons.

Top view of the street lined by troops

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Reel №2


Troops lined up for the parade.

Hitler inspects troops at the machine located at Unter den Linden,up to the podium


Air parade opens the festivities.

The cavalry is coming.

The guard commander gave a report to Hitler.

A military band played.

There are different types of troops in front of the podium.

Landing troops,artillery on the machines.

On the podium, Hitler, Goering and others.

Passing armored vehicles, bicycles and notocacti, tanks.

Buglers on horseback after the two drummers.

Cavalry, horse-drawn artillery, tanks,heavy artillery.

Groups with banners coming to the platform, the team flags are lowered.

Officers salute.

Hitler welcomed the troops with a wave of his hand.

Raise the banners, troops marching past the grandstand.

Close-UPS of soldiers and sailors

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