Army Germany. (1937)

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Director: Georg Mushner/Georg Muschner/

Operators: Georg Mushner/Georg Muschner/

Reel №1


Quote from Hitler's speech of 9 Ghabra 1936 the army.

The German army since the introduction of compulsory military service.

Call for new recruits.

Recruits with bags go to the barracks.

A line of recruits,the officer read out the list.

Getting obmundirovanie.

Recruits in the form of exercises.

Learn to salute,the officer corrects the soldier cap.


Sports in the pool:swimming,diving.



Taking the oath at the flag.

Shooting at targets.

Drill on the parade ground.

Learning drummers


Departure of military units of all the armed forces on maneuvers.

Out of the gate infantry,in front of the drummers,buglers behind them.

The officer on the horse.

At the signal, the soldiers sit in the car.

Driving armored vehicles,motorcycles,trucks with soldiers

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Reel №2


Goes cavalry, artillery horse-drawn.

Cars with four soldiers on board, trucks, bus station.

The infantry is in the woods with the song.

Horse stopped in the woods.

The observer looks into the eyepiece of the device.

Home maneuvers.

Artillery rides over rough terrain, set the gun and shoot.

Infantry are coming forward.

The wireless operator receives a message about the location of the "enemy".

Crossing over the river on horseback riding and boating.

Soldiers camouflage bus transceiver branches, install the antenna.

The radio in the car

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Reel №3


The soldiers fired from rifles and machine guns.

Installing cannons.

The wireless operator in the field radio headphones, data transmission.

The calculation in the light gun shooting.

Freight car with the soldiers at the bridge.

Ambush at the bridge, undermine the car.

Go to fight tanks.

The view from the slit of the tank.

Gallops cavalry.

Aircraft in the sky.

Soldiers near the barbed wire, undermine it.

The commander gives orders to the soldiers.

Tanks overcome water obstacles.

Attack tanks and infantry with air support

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Reel №4


Goes gun on horse-drawn.

Soldiers are running in the dust.

Calculation with guns, tsrelyayut team.

Tank breaks the trees on the go.

Support from the air.

Gas attack, the soldiers wearing gas masks, gas masks radio operators, machine gunner in a gas mask.

The soldiers throw grenades into the tank.

At the station get on the team okonachanii maneuvers.

Signal trumpeter.

Soldiers removed respirators, tankers out of the tanks.

The grand building of troops.

On the way, jumping two officers.

The orchestra.

Regimental flag.

The parade of troops before the general on horseback.

Marching troops

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