Coronation. (1937)

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Reel №1


The ceremony of the coronation of king George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

From the Palace of travel of the carriage,followed by guard and members of the Royal family.

View of the procession from above.

The carriages enter the gates of Westminster Abbey.

The carriage drove up to the door.

The output of the Queen mother, other members of the Royal family


Hall of the Abbey, the aisle is a Princess in a gown with a long train, she is accompanied by two girls.

The trumpet anthem.

Girls podderjivaut train until the Princess goes to the chair.

The stained glass Windows of the Cathedral.

Sings the choir. pnrm. by the audience.

The Archbishop presents the new king to read the text of the oath.

George VI walks up to the altar for the vows.

Returns to the chair, he brings the text that he signs.

The king put on the Royal clothes, bring the Royal symbols of power: sword, sling, Orb, ring, wear special gloves and with both hands give.

Key words

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Reel №2


Archbishop bears the crown, puts it on the king's head.

It sounds anthem.

King takes a glove, takes the Bible in his hand.

King carried around the altar, put on the throne.

The ritual of the oath to the king.

The priests kneel before the king.

Oath give dukes, peers know.

The ceremony of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth.

Above it is carried through the canopy, she comes to the altar, kneels.

The Archbishop puts the crown on his head, gives the hands a scepter.

The Queen was escorted to the king and put into a chair beside him.

The ceremony finished.

All rise, begins the solemn passage of the King and Queen

Key words

England, sovereigns, personalities, family, clergy, celebration

Reel №3


Master of ceremonies rod shows the way.

State flags.

Ladies bow.

The king passes by the lodges with members of the Royal family, through the crowd of courtiers.

View of the Abbey from the outside.

All sit in carriage.

Leaves Queen mother with two princesses,a king and a Queen.

A procession to Becerescu Palace.

Guards,the entourage of a king accompanies a carriage.

Travel along Piccadilly to Hyde Park.

Crowds of jubilant people.

In the crowd a look in the telescope,mirrors.

March of the guards,detachment of colonial troops.

People watching from the balconies of houses.

Travel via marble arch,built in 1828 arhitektorom John Nash.

The carriage with the Royal couple, passing through Hyde Park to the Palace.

The exit of the Royal couple and members of the Royal family to the people on the balcony of the Palace. pnrm. the crowd

Key words

England, family, monarchs, women, personalities, troops, transportation, State.symbols, landmarks, population, Park