Roosevelt. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

USA. Installation of the Chronicles of the different countries and years,dedicated to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

Franklin Roosevelt.

The flag of the United States.

Roosevelt in a suit and tie giving a speech.

Roosevelt in a family setting.

The House Of Roosevelt.

He's in a wicker chair beside her mother knits.

Pats ran the dog.

By passing his three children on horseback.

Roosevelt stops younger daughter sitting on a pony.

Roosevelt in the office.

Roosevelt with his wife by the fireplace

USA. Roosevelt - Governor of new York.

He and his wife near the house.

Roosevelt in a coat and bowler hat sits in the car.

Roosevelt in the family.

Roosevelt with children in the gazebo playing with them.

Roosevelt on a yacht with employees.

On the shore huddled operators with movies and cameras.

Roosevelt rides in an open car

USA. The document 1933 signed by FDR.

Roosevelt in the room speech.

Roosevelt at Desk, surrounded by reporters.

Eleanor Roosevelt in an orphanage in new York.

A girl reads her poems, the children sing.

Young Roosevelt, with his family sailing on a yacht, playing with the children.

Roosevelt leaves the house, greets some delegates, including Indians in national costumes.

Roosevelt in the mantle speaks

USA. Visit Mac-Donald in the United States, It exits the boat, said into the microphone.

Meeting with Roosevelt.

, Giuseppe Tangaza, who several times tried to kill the President, lies bandaged on the bed.

Roosevelt arrives with his wife to the White House after the election for a historic ceremony at the Capitol.

It meets Hoover with his wife, they sit in the car and go to the Capitol.

Motorcade going down the street for cavalry

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Reel №2

USA. Roosevelt among the Cabinet members of the government, he said it, then is the Cabinet. 20 Jan 1937, Washington.

Roosevelt arrives to the Capitol for a ceremony after the election.

The rain, the crowd with umbrellas.

The motorcade of cars, motorcycles.

Roosevelt utters the oath of the President.

Operators work.

The cries of the crowd.

The Roosevelt family posing for operators.

Roosevelt with his wife in the car.

Military parade before the President.

Military band on horseback.

Rides the cavalry, cannons, horse-drawn

USA. Roosevelt at a meeting of the government of the United States.

His proposal for achieving peace in Europe during the war with Germany.

The speech of Roosevelt in office, the Ministers slapped him.

Roosevelt in the office in front of reporters

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