Upper Silesia. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gyunter Kulemejer,Kurt Rupli /Gunther Kulemeyer,Kurt Rupli/

Operators: I.Blashke

Reel №1


Upper Silesia.

Cloudy sky over the field.

Forest on the rocks running streams, going into the river.

Dense thickets along the banks.

Far away across the river you can see the mountains.

The ruins of an ancient castle, fortress towers.

Rocks, PNRM. by regions.

City architectural monuments.

On the road carriage rides peasant.

A field of wheat, the farmer sharpens the scythe mowing.

Industrial landscape, smoke pipe factory.

Map of Germany in 1920.

In the east, the border with Poland, Czechoslovakia.

In Silesia were concentrated chemical industry, lime production, extraction of zinc, silver, located coal mines and steel mills.

In the plebiscite of March 20, 1921 part of Silesia was ceded to Poland.

Production decreased.

It should be mine, the car moves at a standstill.

An empty building of the plant.

Blank careers.

The destroyed railway tracks.

Working with Polish culture village-church, peasant hut


The reverse transition of Silesia to Germany.

industry recovery.

He begins to run the plant.

There is a locomotive, the dispatcher moves the arrow.

On mine workers go.

Smoke from the pipe plant.

Ears in a field of wheat.

The farmer mows the grain.

There is a train with cargo ships on the river

Key words

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Reel №2


The miners in the mine.

Metallrgichesky shop, is a red-hot metal, steel makers operate.

Trolleys with coal flow along pathways, on the lift.

Production processes in the shops.

Working pulls the wire red-hot timber under pressure.

There is a locomotive with wagons full of coal.

Harvest in the fields.

Farmers harvested haystacks, loaded onto a cart of hay

Key words

Germany, mine, miners, metallurgical industry, railroad, workers, peasants