Millions of us. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Lask Simitn,Tina Taylor

Operators: Mark

Reel №1

SShA.Propagandistsky film with the game story.

The narrow streets with tall buildings, is sadly woman rummages in a garbage can, see the headlines of newspapers thrown on unemployment.

On the porch sleeping man, he dreams of a wonderful meal, but as soon as he reaches for something hand, everything disappears.

The guy wakes up, goes to the store, but the announcement states that there is no space.

A man with a cigarette showing him the headquarters building of the unemployed.

He goes there, then the street, sits on a ladder from fatigue.

It passes by an elderly woman who hands him a card with the words of the Bible and the location of Mary's mission.

The guy goes there, near the billboard sees another unemployed, he asked about the mission.

However, on the door emblazoned inscription that mission served only on Sundays.

The guy has to leave home.

From the loudspeaker is heard brisk speech of the president, people listen to it, read newspapers.

Man walks past the grocery store where the products are Mountain.

The policeman takes an apple, eat.

Man watches as the car the lady feeding the dog.

The buyer falling apple, but the police does not pick it up guy and gives the man

Key words

The US, the population, the unemployed, youth, trade, police, charity, women, the press, the President, radio

Reel №2

USA. The guy goes to the exchange.

On the wall a man hangs a sheet with the requirements of the unemployed.

Sit unemployed.

The guy in desperation decided to accept any job, goes to the plant, but he is stopped by strikers and beaten like a scab.

Suitable striker and takes the boy with him.

He invites him to join the companions, gives to eat.

The display of work processes: working in the factory, the construction site at the port.

The Cabinet of Ministers session.

Automatic line of pouring milk into bottles.

Bags in the warehouse.

Unemployed people get free food is a huge turn.

In the harvester works.


Effects of inflation: the grain is dumped from the bags into the water, burn.

There is a demonstration of the unemployed.

A Monument To Lincoln.

Striker convinces the guy that wears the slogan on his chest and joins the other unemployed

Key words

US, unemployment, unemployed, labor exchange, charity, strike, industry, agriculture, construction, port, crisis, food, demonstrations, propaganda