Palatinate. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Gustav Vejss/Gustaw Weiss/

Operators: Gustav Vejs,Iosif Illig

Reel №1


The Palatinate province of Germany.

At dusk the silhouettes of the trees, the river, the Cathedral.

Dawn, rock formations, climbers climb the rock.

Hitler youth camp, sleeping in tents.

Bugler trumpeting the rise.

The guys get up, run to the river, wash.

Range, raising the flag.

The young leader turns to the boys.

The squad is marching down the path of singing.

A rural boy with a basket in his hands whistling the national anthem of the squad, going home.

The village, goes a peasant with a cart, girl drinking from the column, a nest of storks on the roof of the house.

Are nuns.

Cows go to pasture.

Old houses with stone walls and bas-reliefs.

The boy comes home.

The yard father sitting at the table, reading a newspaper, Smoking.

The boy tells him about the Palatinate, asked to tell the history of the region

Germany.pnrm. area,flower gardens,valley views from the top.

The Church,the walls of an ancient fortress associated with the name of Frederick Barbarossa.

Cathedral "Kaiserdom" in the Gothic style,the tombs of the German emperors in the Cathedral.


A pole with a crucifix at the road,wagon rides.

Village peasant couple working in the garden.

Flowering trees and vineyards.

Spinning mill wheel,the pond geese.

Picking berries and fruits:cherries,apples,apricots.

The farmer sells fruit from the cart,pass on the points.

The Rhine river going ships,barges.

Industrial landscape of factory chimneys,cranes.

Ludwigshafen is a port on the Rhine,vessels,port operations.

The gate of the city,pnrm. on working-class district


Bas-relief bust of Edward Yost and the date 1869.In Limburg,the ruins of the fortress.

Guys climb on the ruins.


The guys with the backpacks are on the ground.

Gardens,streets of the town,go carts,go people.

The vastness of the Palatinate,view of the countryside with the river.


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Reel №2


View of the city across the bridge.

Shoe factory, leather cut out detail shoes, sew on the machine.

There is a stream of shoes, ready-made women's shoes.

Drying tobacco on the plantation, women string the leaves on a thread. pnrm. the cities of Landau.

Durkheim, Neustadt.


Top views of the market square.

Old narrow street, the Palace and the Park, town hall, ancient buildings, sculptures in the Park.

Resort Durkheim.

Types of Cathedral buildings.

Parks, fountains, street cafes.

The city played an ancient rite of betrothal in suits.

Looks out of the window a pair, they welcomed Herald.

Couple leads down the path of a goat.

Near the house Bocharov score rings on a huge barrel of wine, the pair with the goat stands behind the barrel.

At 6 o'clock in the rite


Processing of fields of chemicals from the dispenser.

Work in the fields.


Lunch in the field,a horse eating oats out of sacks.

The grapes are harvested in barrels.

At the factory the grapes goes to press.

Decoration of the machine-head God with hair of vines.

Cellar with wine barrels.

Festivities after the harvest.

People in national costumes,go carts decorated with barrels.

Folk dances.

All drink wine,eat at the tables of the sausage.


Key words

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