Rabbits. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Voljfram Yunhans

Operators: Otto Gniser

Reel №1

Germany.pnrm. in the woods,a hare in the snow,looks around,and jumps.

Spring,the snow melts,new leaves are coming out.

Rabbits have burrows,rabbit washes.

Diagram of rabbit burrows with tunnels.

Hare digs tunnels.

The hare stands up on his hind legs.

In the hole a couple of hares,mating.

Domestic rabbits in cages,the children take out rabbits,stroked,fed.

In the cage the rabbit with the young servant feeds them hay.

Girl picking dandelions in the meadow for feeding rabbits.

Different breeds of rabbits: white,black,grey

Key words

Germany, animals, forest, children, flowers, natural phenomena

Reel №2


White rabbit.

The Minister takes out rabbits,feeding.

Close-up of faces of rabbits,they lick each other.

Rabbit eats hay and goes to sleep in the cage.

The Minister rake the hay, it newborn rabbits,baby bunnies grow up.

In rabbits, combed wool,cut fur with special tools.

The fur and pelts of rabbits arrive at the factory.

The use of skins for the uniforms of the pilots of the Luftwaffe.

The pilot sits in the plane takes off.

Factory,dressing the skins.

The use of furs and pelts for clothes,coveralls,footwear in the army.

Wehrmacht soldiers in a snowy forest in camouflage

Key words

Germany, hobbies, industry, light, air force, military equipment