Tourists in Leningrad. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

The Leningrad - Northern Palmyra. pnrm. on the Leningrad from the air.


Isaac's Cathedral, the bridges over the Neva.

Triumphal arch, Palace square, the stele.

NDP.on the building: the Exchange of 1810, the facade sculpture of Neptune with a Trident, a mermaid.

Kazan Cathedral, mosque.

Sphinx on the Neva.

Leningrad channels, traffic channels, architectural monuments on the coast, a tourist boat

Leningrad-cradle of the October revolution.

Smolny, a monument to VI Lenin at the entrance.

New construction.

On the streets of Leningrad.

Rides sprinkler, cars, trams.

The bridges across the Neva.

Children's homes and sanatoria in the former palaces.

The building of the sanatorium, the children are running.

Mothers with children, the mother takes the kid to kindergarten.

Nurse bathes baby under the shower.

Children at the table, consider the plants, eating grapes.

Small children in Cribs play programically.

School children in the classroom.

The Palace of pioneers, located in the former residence of the king.

Entrance banners: "Welcome!", portrait of Zhdanov.

The pioneers are the stairs, on the walls the portraits of Stalin, Zhdanov, Kirov with children.

Scientists are talking with the pioneers.

Railroad shows the children a model steam engine, model railway.

The circle, designed like the layout of the ship.

Children learn to master the Morse code.

Hang a life preserver with the name of the ship "pioneer"

Leningrad port, here come ships from different countries of the world.

Is loading timber on the ship.

Swedish steamer, French.

Foreign tourists arrive to Leningrad on the boat.

The boat comes to the dock on the shore he meets a band of sailors.

Steamer "Gripsholm", Gothenburg, passengers waving from the deck, down the stairs, car Park.

Hotels for foreign tourists: "Europe" and "Astoria".

Tourists descend the stairs in the hotel.

The interiors of the suites.

Car Park.

Tour of the city.

The monument to Peter I, Rostral columns, mosque.

Peter and Paul fortress, the bridges, cathedrals.

Channel sailing canoe with a couple of rowers, boat docks, kayak-eight

Park of culture and rest named after Kirov.

In the meadow children dancing, playing in the sand with a turtle.

The carousels and slides.

Adults can relax on the sun loungers on the grass.

The channel is a tourist boat.

Rides, toy train adults with children going on the rollercoaster.

The car rides around town to Isaakievsky Cathedral turned into a Museum.

Equestrian monument to the king.

Columns at the entrance to the Cathedral, the tourists go.

The exhibits of the Museum, the interiors of the cathedrals inside and out.

View of the square and the streets from the observation deck of the Cathedral.

Tourists out of the Cathedral, walk past the massive columns

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Reel №2

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress on the opposite bank of the Neva.

The walls of the fortress is a small beach, people swim and sunbathe.

The stone slab with the inscription: "Trubetskoy Bastion dressed stone of the Empress Catherine II in 1785".

Resting against the wall of the fortress, the boy let the boat into the river.

Champ de Mars, the stone with the NDP: ".

By the will of tyrants each other tormented nations.

You got labor Petersburg and began the first war of all against all oppressed ugnetaley, to kill the very seed of war. "

Tourists on the Mars field, view from above

Football match at the stadium.

Portrait of Stalin on the rostrum.

Sounds patriotic song, moments of the game, the audience.

Sports parade.

Song: "To the body and the soul were young".

Mass exercises in the field, the columns are athletes.

In the portrait of the building of Zhdanov.

They come dressed platforms carry flags

Hermitage Art Gallery.

Atlanta at the entrance of the column.

Go tourists.

The paintings and sculptures in the gallery halls.

Tourists travel to Leningrad suburb of Tsarskoye Selo / Pushkin / architectural monuments.

The monument to Pushkin Palace.

Tourists stroll along the paths of the park, sitting at a table, drinking wine.

Trip to Peterhof.

The ensemble of the palace, parks, water cascade, fountains.

View of the pavilion at the stage.

Twilight couple walks along the promenade.

Sailing on the Gulf of Finland.

Night in Leningrad.

Peter and Paul Fortress on the Neva, the bridge is a pair.

Single bridge, the ship passes under it.

On the river float boats, water festival.

Decorated boats with models of the Order of Lenin, Kirov portrait, transporant: "North Pole", a portrait of Stalin

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