Road spring. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Ernst Kohelj /Ernst Kochel/

Operators: Valjter Branles

Reel №1


Window glass pours rain, the girl is standing at the window looking out onto the street, a man calms her


PNRM. by flowering trees.


Mountain road, far away can see the mountains in the snow.

In the valley blooming trees.

Girl weaves a wreath, looks like a flower beetle crawling, flying bee.

After the flowering trees on the hill of an ancient castle can be seen.

The trip starts from the city of Heidelberg.

View of Heidelberg Castle, the river, the bridge-aqueduct.

The towers of the castle, sculpture.

Old streets of the city, architectural monuments, fragments of decoration.

Promotional poster: "Spring in Baden-Baden."

Pavilions for therapeutic miniralnoy water walking resting.

Flowering magnolias, tulips.

Fountains at the pavilions.

Pool for swimming, people bathe, sunbathe


In the mountains, the snow melts, flowing streams.

Skiing in the mountains.

Skis stuck in the snow, riding the car with skis attached at the rear.


The boy is two oxen harnessed to a cart, a man with a horse.

Children treated with landing on the mountainside.

Vineyards, men plowed land between the trellis.

Growing of vegetables, market, sale of agricultural products.

Opens patterned metal grille.

In the depths of the castle can be seen Shattsingen.

Park Brushtal, fountains with sculptures, a fountain with dancing jets

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Reel №2


Fountain with the figure of a deer sculpture in the Park: Apollo,pan.

Tour guide with group of tourists, among them a German officer, guide shows sculptures of gods and goddesses.

Palace, metal fence.

The city of Freiburg, a Gothic Cathedral. pnrm.the Cathedral.

The view from the height to the square in front of the Cathedral, a street market, trade in fruits and vegetables.

Girl eating berries, people make the purchase.

Selling flowers, bouquets merchants offer.

The peasants in national costumes go around the village.

Funny hats and women's hats of the balls and beads.

Water mill, spinning wheel, a river with rapids.

A view of the village in the valley, flowering trees, mountains, forests.

Cows graze in the meadow


Lake Constance.

Ancient city on the coast, houses, vineyards.

Sailboats on the lake, tourists ride in boats.

Hotels on the beach, on the hill facing the castle.

Yacht, small boat, tourists go on a boat, at the stern a flag with a swastika.

Mainau Island.

The city on the shore.

Sail by schooner with flat sails. flowering trees and palm trees.

The Church among the trees.

Tangerine trees, Mature fruit on the branches.

The ruins of the fortress

Key words

Germany, fountain, sculpture, excreta, tourists, Museum, town, Cathedral, market, trade, food, children, peasants, flowers, fashion, female, mill, river, plants Germany, lake, city, plant, sailboats, castle, tourists, transportation, water, State.the symbolism of the island, Church, fortress