The Western shaft. (1940)

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Director: Fric Hippler (Fritz Hippler)

Operators: Zepp Allgejer, Maks Endrejyat, Valjter Fuks, Voljfgang Gossman, Fridrih Karl Heer, Valjter Hrich, Hajnc Yavorski, Hajnc Kit, Viljgeljm Mala, Gerbert Vilke /Sepp Allgeiier, Max Endejat, Walter Fuchs, Wolfgang Gossmann, Friedrich Carl Heere, Walter Hrich, Heinz Jaworsky, Wilhelm Mahla, Herbert Wilke/

Reel №1

West Wall - a system of permanent fortifications, erected in 1936-40 years in western Germany, which were seen as defenses against possible incursions of French troops from the "Maginot Line."

The development was entrusted to the Chief Inspector of Railways Fritz Todt. 1914.

Surrounded by the Allies defeated Germany, and is an open border against the world enemy. 1938.

Silhouette Nazi eagle.

Hostile Germany western democracy encourages the Czech government to mobilize, it seeks to impose war on Germany.

West Reich - the last frontier!

Types of German cities on the western border: Freiburg, Heidelberg, Saarbrücken.

Ancient fortresses, bridges, movement of machinery.

Mainz river with boats.

Koblenz, Cologne, Aachen.

Map of Germany, held a defensive line through Singen, Karlsruhe, Koblenz, Cologne, Emmerich.

Chief Inspector Dr.

Todt in his headquarters, he sees a map with the general.

On the ground begin preliminary work: measurements, calculations, workers install pegs.

The design bureaus create blueprints for future construction.

Driving the organization Todt: Delivery of materials, cement industry, steel industry, work in the quarries, forestry, transport, workers and others.

Field-Marshal Goering becomes arbaytministrom, Dr.

Robert Ley - the leader of the Labour Front.

More than 1,000 companies involved in the construction.

Timber for construction projects, the logs down the mountain into the river, they race across the water.

Blasting operations in the mountains, earthworks, workers digging the soil, pour in the trolley.

Works excavator, cable railway to the trolleys, cars.

The work in the factories.

The furnace melts the metal factory "Demag", a rolling mill.

On the railways are trains with weights, machines, gravel, sand.

Key words

Germany, in 1940, World War 2, to strengthen, personalities, state. figures, Goering, and captains, transportation, construction, railway

Reel №2

The trucks go around the city.

Car drive up to the barrels of fuel.

Stamps of various firms on the machines. pnrm. the construction of the pit.

Construction lift weights, overlooking the warehouses of wood, brick, rebar, cable, wires, boxes.

Symbolic frame: 8 working together to carry the boards, stack them.


The order of Goering dated 13 February 1939 according to the plans.

Germany map with places of construction projects.

Seeing the workers at the station, the construction of the West shaft.

Men walk with suitcases, backpacks.

The barracks of the workers.

The life of workers on the construction site.

They wash in the shower, clean shoes.

In the kitchen preparing dinner, in the boilers of boiling soup.

Distribution of food in the dining room.

Men read Newspapers, play chess.

For working concerts, they are watching the performance of circus performers.

Boxing match in front of the workers.

Playful room with the horse, which the two actors.

The workers go to work, sit in a bus, go on the road with the song ready by fortifications.

Marching troops of workers with shovels in hand.

Workers pull a rope trolley, loaded bags.

Working time in construction.

Underground excavation, installation of supports, the work of Kyle and the Boers.

Joiners work with wood, install the flooring of the forest.

Arrives the composition with the goods.

Rubble is loaded into cars, carry bags.

Working cement mixer, an excavator, a variety of machines.

Starts on concrete Foundation.

Soldiers on the work.

Workers at the bunker, is planting forests.

The horn for lunch.

Key words

Germany, in 1940, World War 2, capacity, construction, workers, working life

Reel №3

Construction work on the West wall, working lunch in break.

The construction comes Hitler, soldiers greet the führer, who rides standing in the car.

Hitler with Keitel and other generals included in the bunker, the officers of the card.

The title of the newspaper "Folkier Beobachter" reported General Witzleben of completion of works on construction of the Western shaft.

German farmers working in the fields near the shaft.

The shepherd takes the sheep through the dragon's teeth.

Top view on shaft, detailed view.

The barbed wire along the banks of the river.

French shore bunkers.

The announcer said that the French bunkers could be flooded, and German are on the rise.

The view from the plane on the French fortifications.

Tower in the forest to observe the French side.

The scheme West of the shaft.

Along the coast are located bunkers.

The view from the plane on the fortifications West of the shaft.

The March construction team with the song, they watch the peasants.

The inscription on the bunker: "Scharnhorst", the soldiers are in the bunker, riding in a mine cart through the mine bunker.

Key words

Germany, in 1940, World War 2, capacity, construction, workers, Hitler, military leaders, celebrities, France

Reel №4

Inside the bunker room.

Plumbing and ventilation.

The room for the soldiers, they sit at the table, smoking.

Kitchen, a soldier carries the products cooked in the pot soup.

The soldiers wash, shave.

Toilets in the bunker.

Telephone exchange.

Remote control power plant, providing an autonomous energy supply.

The pump for emergency operations.

Arsenal, which houses guns of different calibers and ammunition to them.

Observation post.

Artillery shells driven on a cart to the elevator, deliver them to the battle station.

Load a gun on the platform.

Searchlight with the staff.

The sky on ropes raise barrage balloons.

The radio operator with a walkie-talkie near the tent.

Airfield with airplanes.

In the foreground are the pyramids of rifles.

Rise of the German squadron, planes fly in threes.

German soldiers in the ranks.

View to the West Wall.

Key words

Germany, in 1940, to strengthen, the world war 2, bunkers, soldiers, phone, power, weapons, protective balloons, communication, BBC