Nature and technology. (1938)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc,Voljfram Yunhas

Operators: Valjter Suhner

Reel №1


Comparisons actions of animals, birds and insects with the technique.

Beaver Builder.

Woodpecker knocking on wood.

On the tree hangs a woven nest, it flies tit.

Beetle weevil cuts the sheet, it spins along the section as a bag, making a nest.

In the water, the dolphin swims.

Diagram for explaining the laws of motion in the water of objects of various shapes.

The form of the vessel.

Submarines in the sea, underwater shooting.

The movement of the dolphins under water, dolphins are jumping out of the water.

Torpedoes, cut through the waves.

Sea lions swimming


Dramatization: on the street car rides first design, the lady on the seat, a man in a frock coat at the wheel.

Antique car rides among modern cars.

Aerodynamic tube.

The scheme obsnyayuschaya laws driving the old and new kontruktsii and depicting the shape of the ceiling of the air.

Volkswagen Car rides on the road.

Ancient and modern locomotives, and their movement.

The first aircraft.

Lilienthal on his plane with waving wing / piece of old chronicles /.

Movement of birds wings.

Flocks of birds.

On the field output aeroplat, takes off

Key words

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Reel №2


An airplane flies low above the ground.

Plane in the clouds.

Takeoff,it clears the chassis.

The takeoff of the glider from the hill.

Squadron of the German Wehrmacht in flight,the aircraft flying wedge.

A flock of birds flying wedge.

The flight of the helicopter.

Experimental, with a hovering Hummingbird.

Thrown out of the plane with the parachutists.

Diagram of the flow of air.

Flying umbrellas dandelion.

Artificial silk factory,a separate production processes.

A spider building its web.

Artificial yarns.

The electric batteries are.

The first volt arc.

Electric eel experiment,showing the presence of a current in the fish.

In the dark fluttering fireflies.

Shoots a cannon shell burst in the distance.

Fish-arrows in the aquarium,the tube hanging caterpillar,fish allow the jet to shoot down the track.

The warship,releasing a smokescreen.

Fish cuttlefish,let the ink

Key words

Germany, science, Navy, fish, insects, aquarium, birds, industry light