Olympics in Berlin. (1936)

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Reel №1


Equestrian competitions on rough terrain.

Riders gallop over the hills, through the barriers.

The fall of the horse.

The women's 10,000 meters in a stadium, in the lead, three Finn: Salminen, Askola, and ISO-Hollo.

The Finns handed the awards and flowers.

Jesse Owens, a black athlete from the USA wins the sprint in 10.3 seconds. received a gold medal. 2nd place - USA 3rd place-Holland.

Owens won the gold medal in the long jump with a score of 8,06 meters.

German Lux jumped by 7.87 metres.

Discus among women. 1st place - Gisela Mauermayer Germany with result 47,63 M. 2nd place - Jadwiga Vaisova, Poland, the bronze medal was won by Paula Mollenhauer, Germany.

Throw the Japanese UMI Ochima.

The hurdles in the 400 meters.

Gold medal - Glenn Gardens, USA with a record of 52.4 s. 2nd place - canadian Johns Lorings.

Running the 800 meters.

Gold Jones Woodfires.

Spectators in the stands. 100 meters for women.

American Helen Stephens ran for 11,5 sec. 2nd place - Valsanicola, Poland, 3rd place - Katie Krauss, Germany.

The scoreboard, the flags of the countries.

Javelin throw for women.

Olympic record set by the German Tilly Fleischer - 45,18 meters. 2nd place - Louise Krieger, Germany, 3rd place - Maria Kwasnieski, Poland.

On the podium for the audience Hitler, Goering, Goebbels.

Hitler and Goering smile, rejoice in the record of German women.

Goering quite rubbing his hands.

On the pedestal two German women

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Reel №2


Pole vaulting.

Gold at the Meadows, the result of 4.35 meters. 3rd place - Japanese Nishida.

Running the 200 meters.

Gold Jesse Owen, the 2nd place Robinson United States, 3 - Osendarps, Netherlands.

Performers are weightlifters.

Mangers, Germany, lifts weight 410 kg.

Little wheat, Czechoslovakia - 402.5 kg, Lokar, England - 400 kg.

Fencing women.

Speech by Ilona Shacherer - Elex, Hungary and Helen Myers, Germany.

Marathon running.

Gold in Vitloksa, England, the result is 4 hours 30 minutes 41 seconds. 2nd place at the Swedish Schwab /4.32.09/, 3rd place in Latvian Bubenko / 4.32.42,2 /.

Stages run on the ground and finish in the stadium.

Discus Throw men.

Olympic record in Carpenter, US - 50.48 meters.

Sounds Nazi anthem.

Spectators pull arms in a Nazi salute

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