Carp. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Uljrih K.T.Shuljc,Voljfram Yunhans

Operators: Valjter Suhner,Karl Gilbiber

Reel №1


Breeding carp in artificial ponds and pools in Germany.

The koi in the pond eat the algae.

Boy with a butterfly net standing in the water, fish swim at your feet.

He holds a huge carp.

The man opens the dam, let the water in the pool.

Start in the pool Karpov.

Males and females Karpov.

Spawning fish, eggs and milt in the water.

The development of the embryo in a fertilized egg /time lapse and mikroshemka/.

Fry under water.

Men gather to network, type in the barrel, and then poured the contents into the pond

Key words

Germany, fish, fish farming

Reel №2


Natural enemies of fry underwater crustacean devours the fry.

Wild ducks swim, eat fish.

Toad close up,the singing, the toad grabs the fry.

The reeds, the seagulls fly over the water, which also prey on fish.

Grey Heron grabs the fish.

The water also has enemies-the pike devours the fry.

With boats in the pond shed feeding for carp.

Autumn comes, storks on nests, falling leaves.

Fishermen start fishing carp with nets and nets, put the fish in boxes

Key words

Germany, fishing, fish, birds, animals, plants, natural phenomena