Sun, wind and white sails. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Viljgeljm Marcan /Wilhelm Marzahn/

Operators: Valjter Fuks

Reel №1


Train like the station Bremerhaven, passengers on the platform go through the tunnel to the pier.

The Bremen port.

Ocean liner at a pier, passengers climb the ladder to the ship.

On the conveyor is Luggage.

From the post of the car and unloaded the bags.

Operate cranes.

Passenger steamer "Europe", making an excursion on the sea.

The whistle of a steamer, passengers climb the ladder, they are on the deck.

Mourners waving their hands.

The boat departs from the pier.

View of the beach, the lighthouse.

Tourists relax on the deck in the sun loungers.

On the horizon the island of Helgoland.

The steamer sailed boats, the tourists on them ferried ashore.

The streets of the city, steps.

Lighthouse on rocky shore


The ship sails on.

In the evening on the deck and the dancing begins.

This morning the ship arrives at the island Norderney.

On the map the outlines of the Islands in the North sea: Juist, Baltrum, Borkum Langeoog, Spiekeroog, Wangeroog.

The coat of arms of Bremen: knight with sword and shield.

Old houses, palaces, St.

Peter's Church.

The narrow streets, the city Park.

On the hill you can see the mill.

The view of the city from the river Weser.

From Bremen the ship goes to the city of Oldenburg, the former possession of the Danish kings, in the 19th century-the Grand Duchy.

Of the city, Cathedral and buildings in the Renaissance style.

The next stop in the town of Norden.

Broad street, at the end of the visible mill, an old Church.

From Norden ship goes to the city of Nordic.

Port suitable train

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Reel №2


Passengers leave the train At the pier go to the steamship "Frisia".

A trip to the French Islands.

The city of Norderney on the beach.

The passengers go into the city.

For street riding the omnibus, cyclists.

City Park, an orchestra.

People sit on benches, walk in the Park, go to the pavilions.

National dance with wooden clogs in their hands.

Vacationers in the pool.

The girl wears a hat, goes into the water.

In the pool is moving a permanent artificial wave.

Jump from the tower.

Waves lapping against the shore.

City beach, on the sandy shores, there are booths.

Wave the flags, including a flag with a swastika.

Games on the beach.

Girls perform gymnastic exercises to the sound of the Gong, the ball game.

Children doing exercises, running in water.

On the shore is launching a glider.

The flight of the glider over the coast

Key words

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