German East Africa. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Negros converting machines.

Plantation Manager for the German Desk, on the phone.

German kugauda go to the plantation on a self-propelled truck, ascolana passes through a plantation, the bridge.

The Negroes cut down the bananas, collect, carry on the head.

The descent of bananas on a wooden trough down, below their take, driven by coliee in the cart manually.

German ship in port, the hold of the ship bananas to Germany, the swastika flag


Plantation Victoria, where they grow cocoa.

Cocoa beans are cut off, collected in baskets.

Split the shell, the kernel can add to the cart.

Treatment shop kako beans mechanically, packing in bags


Plantation of rubber trees, the bark is incised to drain the juice.

Latex in buckets over to the shop.

Processing latex, latex prikladyvaya alyuminevyemi leaves, getting ready the rubber.

Rubber goes to Germany



Negro climbs the tree, cuts down a tropical fruit in the barbed shell, fruit driven to the factory

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Reel №2


Tropical fruit is loaded on the ship.

Processing of fruits at the factory


Rotten bananas are thrown into the yard of the factory, the blacks take them.

The distribution of the Negroes of rice, vegetable oil.

Negros get paid, women like to choose the beads.

The Negro village of huts, at the threshold of the sitting woman, two black women with a parasol.

Domestic Affairs: black women wash their children in the pelvis.

Mother fills a pear in the ass baby oil washes in the pelvis, wipes, puts talcum powder.

The boy in the shirt.

The artist draws a Negro plantation village


Villa, where lives the German Governor and his wife plays with the dogs.

Inside view of the house, guests at the table.

At the plantation the guests are coming from Germany, they are greeted by a slogan greeting, decorated with a swastika

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