Palestine. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Aljdo Livio /Aldo Livio/

Operators: Dzhozef i Vessi Braun

Reel №1


Tiberiada City, where at the beginning of our era were born the origins of Jewish culture.

Views of the town, on the shores of an ancient fortress.

Tomb of Rabbi Meir, NDP. in Hebrew.

Arabs and Jews have always lived near Tiberias.

Mosques and minarets in the city.

A street near the mosque, the traffic, the local population are seen by Europeans.

Benches under tents, there is a sale of vegetables and fruits.

Types of Arab Palestinians.

The water for the population has always been paramount.

High water pipe, water flows from the top, the boy's face inserts.

Tomb of Maimonides HU1 century as an open pavilion


Not far from the city of Nazareth lies Tiberiady, PNRM. around town.

lead a herd of cows down the street.

Architectural monuments, view of the castle.

The Tower of David in Jerusalem, one of the ancient fortresses, its thick walls, towers.

The narrow street, at the bottom of shops under tents.

Ruins of ancient Jerusalem, excavations in the castle of David.

Jerusalem, the restoration of the Holy Sepulchre.

Ancient masonry is protected by metal scaffolding.

The stairs are the monks, their faces.

The Holy City, every believer has his shrine.

Chapel at the Italian hospital, the Church of St.



Mosque of Omar, is located inside the stone altar of Abraham.

Street movement, women with loads on their heads.

Wailing Wall, Jews pray near it.

The building of the University Hospital of Nathan Strauss.

The inscriptions in Hebrew and English.

Advertising the film, a shoe store.

On the streets residents coexist in national odezhy and Europeans.

Neighborhood Stu Bram, where Orthodox Jews live.

Men in particular hats, bales, women in remote closed dresses, color highlighted sidelocks.

Those Jews.

Stalls with goods.

The old man near the counter with bread products, children eat bread.

In Palestine, adjacent to the old and new

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Reel №2


Tourists in the city.

Girl in car glasses drinking from a mug.

Colony Dagania, the most ancient in Palestine.

Children bathe in the sea.

Cottages in the village.

Fields of wheat.

The colonists cultivated the fields.

In dead with the sight of land it was discovered untold riches.

Developing the mining industry.

Factories, large building.

Construction work, poured concrete, crushed gravel.

The installation of power lines.

Modern city streets, beglerovic in the post, there is a stream of cars.

90 colonies is home to 18,000 people.

The biggest-Ein Harod.

Rural landscape with cultivated fields.

The economy is collective.

Children in the kindergarten, play with them, do.

The older children help in the work of the adults work in the gardens.

The colonists divided their time between work and school.

A man reads the Talmud, a saddler repairing the harness.

Young people at table outdoors listening to the young man who reads them.

The colonists go on the field on carts, work the land, mow.

Harvester works, machines help with the harvest.

Herds of sheep and cows.

Mechanical sheep shearing.

Milker milking a goat.

Palestinian cow produces 4500 litres of milk per year.

The bakery baked bread.

On the ropes hanging the washed clothes.

Eucalyptus grove in Hashima.

Weaving factory, the man behind the machine.

The original Gong was a wheel, the sound heralds the end of the day.

A man blows a whistle

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Reel №3


In the district of Acre, lies the town of Safed.

Street in rocky steps, it residents.

The muezzin on the tower of the minaret is a prayer.

Homes are steps on hills.

On the coast lies the ancient Phoenician port of Jaffa.

The main item of exports - oranges.

There is a collection of fruit packaging boxes.

The types tel Aviv-the symbolism of the Jewish achievements.

The traffic of the modern city that grew up in the desert.

A transport stream of a modern building



Synagogue, on the facade of the neon sign.

On Saturday in the city's Holy day-the Sabbath.

Closed shops, companies, churches.

Colonists return from the field, chase a herd of cows.

Saturday on the beach in tel Aviv, people lie on the sun loungers, sunbathing strolling, old men sitting in the shade, talking about theology and philosophy.

The colonists in the shade of a tree, resting.

Youth involved in sports.

Are young people surround a tree


Haifa is a city and port at the foot of Carmel.

There is a construction scaffolding.

The monastery of prophet Elias, Church sanctuary.

The monument to the hero Trumpeldor, who in 1914 led the struggle for independence from the Turks.

Graves, scupture lion.

Typography, the flow of Newspapers.

Industrial landscape, oil rigs, fields of wheat.

The weeping wall faces of adults and children

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