The Indians. (1940)

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Director: Ernst Myuller /Ernst Muller/

Reel №1

Expedition Travel running Professor Hans Krieg in the Gran Chaco.

North American Indians, their lives and their way of life in designated these areas of the US. Indian in a headdress of feathers on his horse, he waves his tomahawk.

Fight different tribes of Indians with guns.

Map of North America, placing Indian mlemen: Comanche, cheruki, Delaware, Apache, etc.

Huron PNRM.. on a hilly terrain, the rocks hitting Gaiser, waterfalls fly into the river.

Powerful streams of the mountain rivers, on the banks of the Indians.

On the prairies are elk, herd of buffalo.

Cowboy leads a herd of cows.

The settlement of Indians, in the center stands a totem pole carved with images of figures and animals.

Sitting old Indian.

Ideyskie women for needlework.

The woman embroiders on a fabric pattern, among the motives visible swastika.

Domestic class Indians.

Woman ties the child to the back, seated in his box, and then starts to work, the carpet yarn twist

The festival in the village of Indians.

Indians in festive costumes dancing in the procession.

Sports competitions tossing two sticks connected churochek struggle.

Dance women.

Types of Indian women and their costumes.

In the village are the bulls, they are released in the area, there is a kind of bullfight, at the end of the arena where daredevils run out of the audience.

Lake Titicaca, ideyskie sailing canoe under sail.

The manufacturing process of the reed canoes

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Reel №2

Carnival procession of masks through the city, depicting the invasion of the Europeans 400 years ago.

The Indians in ponchos.

Dancing women in traditional costumes.

Types of Indians, their outfits and hats.

Indian brings a big jug liquor drink that looks like milk, bottle men

Map of South Amerki, in the center area of the Gran Chaco, Asuncion.

On the Atlantic coast of Buenos Aires.

In the Gran Chaco tribal Indians Choloki and lingula.

Flora and fauna of the Gran Chaco.

Flowing river with rapids.


Crawling Anaconda gets to the water.

On the branch sits a bird, it creeps the serpent.

In water teeming with caimans, alligator floating in the river.


Sitting in the tree iguana.

Ostrich strutting on long legs on the ground.

She climbs a tree a couple of lemurs with their babies.

Tapir chews grass.

A porcupine sitting on a rock.

Possum sees a snake, gets up on his hind legs, trying to intimidate the snake.

A fire in the woods

Key words

North America, the Indians, the city, the arts, women, festivals South America, Indians, America, swamp, animals, birds, forest, snake, river, city, fire

Reel №3

The deer gets scared of fire and runs away.

The fire spread over the earth, burning grass.

Primitive tribes plains Indians Lengua.

The settlement of Indians, their household zanyatiy.

Indian weave bow made of reeds.

Outfits of the Indians, on chocolatcf cuffs of fur.

Indian goes hunting with a bow, shoots an ostrich, but misses.

Indian produces birds and returns home.

The area with the river.

Cloud of birds over the water, floating swans, herons strut.

Chick goes in shallow water, falls.

Iguana stalks the animal who drinks water.

Fly birds of prey.

Climb the trees monkey.

Owl looking for prey.

The ground running battleship.

Toad, who, not fearing, throw on the stick and grab it.

Grow cacti.

Sitting in the tree a leopard, approaches the other, growling.

The Indians sitting around the campfire, Smoking a pipe.

The Indian in the headdress of feathers

Key words

America South, Indians, tribes, animals, birds, plants, hunting, hunters, fashion