Foch. (1936)

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Director: Byuo Emilj / Buhot Emile


The film was shot in memory of the Marshal of France Ferdinan Foz - the great French commander. At the beginning of the First world war, Foch was in command of the twentieth army corps, then of the 9th army, participated in the battle of the Marne. In may 1917 he was appointed chief of the General staff, 3 April 1918, became the Supreme commander of the allied forces. Played a significant role in the victory of the allies over the Central powers coalition. Opening remarks group of veterans of the First world war on the Marshal Foch. Among them - the disabled-blind, with facial trauma, etc. Tarbes, place of birth V. Ferdinand Foch. Views of the city. Rue Saint-Louis (now St. Of victory). Father's house Foch with a plaque. NDP: In this house 2 Oct 1851 born Ferdinand Foch, Marshal of France, commander of French and allied armies. The interiors of the house, his children's room, balcony, where he played as a child. Book reviews of visitors. The Imperial Lyceum (Lycee Imperial), in which Foch studied. Classes. On one of the desks carved inscription: Foch. Monument Ferdinan Foch. The Town Of Valentine. Tomb sisters and parents Foch in the small cemetery. Parent's house with a plaque. General Foch in dress uniform. French officers cavalry. The maneuvers of the French cavalry. Parade of infantry. The French generals watching the maneuvers. The order of General mobilization of August 2, 1914, German soldiers are on the streets. French soldiers through the city streets. Their escort women, children. Map of the Western European theater of military operations. Caused the names of the most important fortresses. German soldiers going through the forest. German cavalry crosses the river. The map shows the directions of the German attacks. Belgium. The evacuation of the population. Loaded with stuff the cart. Occupied Brussels. Shots/f: German soldiers marching in the background of the Palace. Belgian soldiers, digging trenches, are shooting. System is the German military band. Refugees, carts, cattle. Belgian soldiers. General Joffre talking to a French General. French infantry parade on a country road. Artillery. Map of military operations: the battle of the Marne 5-10 September 1914 Saint Hongkie fights. Arrows indicate the actions of 9th army under General Foch. The French divisional generals make review of the troops. On the way, passing the Paris taxis at the Marne. Map. The French artillery, the guns, infantry attack. German machine gunners.

Reel №1

Key words

France, Germany, Belgium, cities, monuments, educational institutions, veterans, the disabled, war world 1, mobilization, soldiers, army, artillery, cavalry, vehicles

Reel №2

The battle of the Marne - a major battle between German and Anglo-French troops, held 5-12 September 1914 on the river Marne during the First world war ended with the defeat of the German army.

The resulting battle was thwarted strategic plan of attack the German army, focused on a quick victory on the Western front and the withdrawal of France from the war.

Installation of newsreel fragments.

French soldiers are fleeing the attack, firing the German machine gunners, the volleys of the French artillery.


The German artillery.

French soldiers are fleeing the attack.

Map of military operations: the line of movement of the front during the battle of the Marne.

Types of destroyed homes, the convoy: trucks and carts.

German soldiers on the March.

The Kronprinz Wilhelm awards of the German soldier.

Pass the German soldiers.

Volleys of guns, the explosion.

German artillery, heavy cannons, explosions.

The French artillery.

Types of burning items.

The British are fleeing the attack.

Trucks and carts.

The streets of the ruined city is a column of French soldiers.

The guns.

French soldiers in the trenches.

The German artillery.

The French gunners.

French soldiers toss grenades.

German voennoplennye.

French soldiers in the trenches raise the wounded man on a stretcher, a military priest.

German voennoplennye.

The main apartment of the French army.

Come, General Foch, accompanied by officers.

Map of military operations in the area of the river Somme. 1916 panorama: stockpiled in the forest, shells, ammunition, and trucks.

French soldiers unload shells.

Narrow gauge railway, shipping ammunition to the front.

Skadrowane under the open sky shells.

Wagon passes the French infantry, French colonial troops.

French pilot Guynemer near his airplane.

NDP on the airplane: "Old Charles".

The French squadron "Swans".

Gineer in the airplane cabin.

The air battle.

Dive shot down a German airplane.

The smoldering wreckage of the airplane on the ground.

Pilot Guynemer in the airplane cabin, several French pilots and mechanics.

French gun on a railway platform.

French heavy guns.

French gun on the barge.

Shots, explosions.

French soldiers in the trenches.

The English trenches, soldiers, telephone operator.

English gun.

Is English infantry.

British soldiers unload shells from carts.

English carts, soldiers in the trenches.

The guns.

The German trenches.

The rise of the French balloon.

French soldiers are in the trenches, carry weapons.

The French officers to discuss a plan of military action on the cards.

The French officer looks at his watch.

French soldiers in a trench with fixed bayonets, fleeing the attack.

German machine gunners.

The French in the trenches.

Map of military operations in the area of the river Somme.

The German trenches.

The English trenches, soldiers carry ammunition.

A volley of trench guns.

British soldiers attached bayonets to the rifles.

Key words

France, Britain, Germany, World War 1, ground troops, artillery, infantry, vehicles, horse-drawn transport, voenoplennye, celebrities, monarchs, w / d transport, water transport, aeronautics, aviation

Reel №3

Chronicle of the fighting of the battle of Verdun (1916): the explosion of the trench, the attack of the British infantry through the barbed wire.

The soldiers of the British army in the trenches, carry the wounded.

German soldiers surrender to the French infantry.

French soldiers escorting German prisoners.

French soldiers are fleeing the attack.

Map of military operations.

The scheme of advance troops.

Foch by General Augustin with Doublem Yvonne (March 1916, Dubail military Governor of Paris).

The French cavalry, the convoy.

Units of the French army moving closer to the border with Germany.

German medics loaded the wounded into the wagon.

French cavalry with pikes.

Map of military operations.

French soldiers carry the wounded on stretchers.

French orderlies.

The French position, field kitchen, convoy of German prisoners, the prisoners camp.

Out of the train to the French President R. Poincare and General Foch. (In this car in November 1918 was signed the armistice, 22 June 1940 was signed the capitulation of France).

English military camp.

English soldier carries a wounded German.

French sappers dismantled debris.

Pointer: Péronne.

Scottish arrows.

English corpsmen carry wounded on stretchers.

The types of positions.

Map of military operations.

Wounded British soldiers.

The British escorting German prisoners.

General Foch. 1917 Sea.

German submarine "U-35".

Captain Delamere volley guns potoplyaet transport ship.

A volley of torpedoes.

The cabin of the submarine.

German naval flag, the captain looks through binoculars.

French destroyer at sea.

Volley guns. 14 Jun 1917 Arrival of the transport vessel with the American expeditionary corps in France, under the command of General John Pershing.

General Pershing in a group of American officers saluting.

American soldiers descend the stairs to the Bank.

General Foch, General Pershing, Marshal Joffre pose for newsreels.

Marshal Foch comes out of the doors of the building and sits in the car.

Key words

France, Germany, great Britain, world war 1, USA, army, Navy, medicine, voennoplennye, personalities, cavalry, artillery, engineering troops

Reel №4

Kaiser Wilhelm II and the Bavarian king Ludwig III (with grey beard).

The review of the troops.

German soldiers are on the road, passing trucks.

The guns.

Field Marshal P. von Hindenburg and General E. Ludendorff over the map.

Shots/f: the operation of the communications center, the telephone; the actor playing the role of crown Prince Wilhelm talking with the officer.


The German rate (the General form of the porch).

Austro-Hungarian artillery, a volley of mortars.

The German artillery.


The guns, the operator near the instrument.

German soldiers in the trenches, officer looking through binoculars, establish a trench gun.

The officer gives orders to soldiers.

The Germans are preparing to attack.

German sappers in the trenches pull the cord.

The Germans reinforce Minna gallery wooden structures.

German sappers set vzryvnaya.

Attack of German infantry.

The English gunners in the trenches, artillery.

German soldiers cut the barbed wire, toss a grenade.

Map of military operations.

Attack of German infantry.

Wilhelm II in the group of generals at the position.

Map of military operations.

Kaiser Wilhelm is watching through the periscope.

Attack of German infantry.

Map of military operations.

Attack of German infantry.

Loading in wagons of the English prisoners.

English military camp.

The orderlies.


The Germans carry wounded.

German soldiers inspect the damaged British tank MK.

German cavalry with lances being transported English prisoners.

German medics.

Loading the wounded.

The British output of a wounded German on the battlefield.

The dead horses.

German telephone operator.

German soldiers are in the trenches.


Accompanied by a French officer leaves the albert Thomas (Minister of armaments), it turns out, General Foch, accompanied by officers, ladies.

By the way, are refugees.

British soldiers carry women on my hands.

The French headquarters.

King George V, General Ferdinand Foch, commander of the British Expeditionary force in France, field Marshal Douglas Haig, General Henri pétain in the group of generals pose for the newsreels.

General Foch, a group of allied officers (Belgian, American).

The train colonial soldiers.

French military camp, soldiers in camp.

The convoy moves through the town, passes the French infantry and cavalry.

General Foch takes place before the formation of French soldiers.

From the car drove out G. Clemenceau, General F. Foch.

French soldiers in the trenches, fleeing the attack.

A French officer looks through binoculars.

German soldiers make a volley from the flamethrower.

General view of the positions.

Key words

France, Germany, Austro-Hungary, great Britain, world war 1, the monarchy, personalities, army, motor transport, communication, Telegraph communication, telephone communication, artillery, medicine, voennoplennye, engineer troops, tank, refugees, colonial troops

Reel №5

French headquarters.

The visit of the Commander of Expeditionary Force in France General John Pershing.

General Foch and General Pershing talking on the street.

Chronicle of fighting.

French soldiers in the trenches.

German artillery in action.


Fighting in the fog.

German heavy artillery.

German cannon calculation in gas masks.

Charging weapons chemical shells.

French soldiers in the trenches in gas masks.

Volleys of heavy guns.

Explosions, moving soldiers.

Types of positions.

German soldiers in the trenches, shoot guns out of the trench.

German soldiers are on the attack.

Map of military operations.

German generals over the map.

German artillery calculations.

German soldiers in the attack, pulling a weapon.

Heavy gun on w / e platform.

Types of positions.

German soldiers lead by the bridle the horses pass the pontoon bridge.

The German crew: three people carry the tripod, film camera, camera.

Germans escorting French voenoplennyh the destroyed settlements.

German soldiers are fleeing the attack.

The German position, an artillery battery.

Gas attack.

Volley French guns.

German soldiers are fleeing the attack.

French battery.

Drives a German tank "A7V Sturmpanzerwagen" (№2 on board).

German soldiers are on the streets of the ruined city, escorting the French voenoplennyh, among them - the soldiers of the colonial troops: Moroccans and Zouaves.

French headquarters.

Marshal Joffre J. posing for the newsreels.

Night battle: British artillery battery, the flash of the exploding shells.

English military camp.

The soldiers, wagons.

French and British soldiers are on the attack.

Artillery guns on the w / e platform.

Scottish arrows are wounded on a stretcher, in the trenches, they are shooting a machine gun.

English orderlies carry the wounded, loaded into an ambulance.

British soldiers escort German voenoplennyh.

General Foch.

The guns.

French infantry tank "Schneider CA1".

He is accompanied by French infantry.

Types of German positions.


Frames / f: French tank "Renault FT-17."


General plan of the battle field.

Tank "Schneider", the tank "Reno" was going after him.

French soldiers carry boxes of ammunition and guns on their shoulders.

French trenches, soldiers.

Frames / f: German headquarters, the officer over the map, gives the order.

Map of military operations.

German aeronautic part.

The rise of the balloon, the telephone operator in the basket adjustment art. fire.

An airplane in the air.

The German gunners were firing anti-aircraft machine gun.

German soldiers jumping out of the basket of the balloon with a parachute.

Above the balloon is flying an airplane.

The explosion of the balloon in the air drop.

Explosions in the forest.

German soldiers are moving in the trenches, the French soldiers hurl grenades, German soldiers hurl grenades.

Types of positions, barbed wire.

Frames / f: German headquarters, the officer at the desk points to the map, gives orders.

Key words

France, Germany, great Britain, world war 1, personnel, ground forces, colonial forces, artillery, railway transport, motor transport, tank, military-chemical service, voennoplennye, medicine, wounded, communications, Aeronautics, aviation, cinema

Reel №6

French guns on railway platforms.

Heavy guns.

Burning scrim.

French artillery, French positions, the soldiers are fleeing the attack.

The General plan of the battlefield.

French tank "Schneider CA1" (Schneider) overcomes the trenches, followed by French infantry.

The French artillery.

German infantry in the trenches.

French tanks "Renault FT-17" (Reno).

German soldiers in the attack.

The French officer looks through binoculars.

Attack of the French infantry.

Map of military operations.

The President of the French Republic, R. Poincare, accompanied by the French generals, officers, an Italian officer inspecting captured German guns.

German headquarters.

Out the door goes the Emperor Wilhelm II. General G. von Hindenburg, a General E. Ludendorff, sit in the car.

The car drives off, the Kaiser removed.

The French position artillery battery.

The guns.

French field hospital.

Soldiers, nurses, doctor.


Wounded in the head by a French soldier to the dressing.

German guns.

French positions.

General view of the field of battle.


French cavalry. 23 Aug 1918, Bombon.

The French headquarters. G. Clemenceau, Poincare, R. machelski handed the baton to Marshal F. Foch.

French soldiers are on the road, British soldiers are on the road, moving carts.

Scottish arrows in the trenches read the newspaper and smoke, are on the road.

English artillery.

The guns.

Scottish arrows are fleeing the attack.

German machine gunners.

British tanks MK.

English horse artillery, the soldiers overcome the water barrier, vypekayut guns out of the sled.

The dead horses.

English position, the artillery battery, the guns.

General view of the battlefield.

Shots/f: infantry attack.

German machine gunners.

French horse artillery carries guns.

German machine gunners.

The French are fleeing the attack.

The airplanes in the air.

Detail: the hand that pulls the lever of the bomb Bay bombs fall.

Explosions on the ground.

French soldiers carry machine guns, boxes of ammunition.

French soldiers at rest.



The French artillery.

Smoke from exploding shells.

British soldiers in the trenches, pulling on his shoulders a wounded comrade.

English field hospital.

First aid.

General view of the positions.

Are British officers, soldiers.

Rifles with fixed bayonets.

The French gunners.

British soldiers set the machine gun on the parapet of the trench.

Boxes of ammunition. panorama: British soldiers in the trenches, trench gun.

Key words

France, Germany, great Britain, world war 1, personalities, soldiers, explosions, military technique, the wounded, the tank, artillery, aviation, railway transport, artillery, infantry, cavalry, personalities, monarchs, road transport, medicine, trophies

Reel №7

Map of military operations.

General John Pershing and Marshal Foch in the room.

The American expeditionary force in Europe.

The field passing tanks "Schneider" is the American infantry.

American soldiers are fleeing the attack.


The explosion in the field.

The French artillery.

Tank "Schneider" going down the road on the side are the German voennoplennye.

American soldiers at rest.

French soldiers in the trenches, charge trench gun.

Volleys of the French artillery.

The house is collapsing.

French soldiers posing in front of the camera.

French soldiers are fleeing the attack, the French gunners.

Stretchers, the wounded French soldiers.

The field are of the Belgian king albert I, Marshal Foch, accompanied by the French generals.

The review of Belgian troops, rewarding.

The road passes a column of trucks, wagons, passes the French infantry.

Volleys of heavy guns, disguised by camouflage netting.

The trenches are French soldiers, including medics.

Volleys of heavy guns.

Explosions in the field.

German soldiers make dashes.

The French artillery.

The German artillery.

German machine gunners.

French soldiers fleeing the attack, took cover.

French cavalry galloping in the field.

The road passes the tank "Schneider".

The streets of the city are French soldiers.

The German soldiers passing on carts, carrying machine guns.

German soldiers dismantled the boxes.

A German soldier carries a baby carriage.

On the street drove a French convoy.

French soldiers in the trenches.

A group of Belgian and French officers discussing the map a plan of action.

On the way, passing a French car, to which the tether is attached to the balloon.

On the destroyed the bridge are French soldiers.

Volleys of the French artillery.

French operators send reports by field Telegraph.

German machine gunners.

French artillery and French machine gunners.

The corpses of German soldiers.

A French officer passing by pointer.

The field are French soldiers, officer cane indicates the direction.

The corpses of German soldiers.

French soldiers are digging in the field, transported on a cart a corpse.

Belgian soldiers-medics carry stretchers with the wounded.

Belgian soldiers help the wounded on crutches.

Through the town passes the French horse artillery.

Italian front.

On the wooden flooring are Italian soldiers.

On pontoon bridge drove truck "Mercedes".

Map of military operations.

On the streets of the city is a group of French soldiers with bandages on his eyes, blinded in a gas attack.

Destroyed building, smoke.

On the streets of the city is a group of American soldiers with the French national flag.


The streets of the ruined city U.S. soldiers: cavalry, infantry, artillery.


The streets of the city are German soldiers: cavalry and infantry (the retreat of the Germans).

November 11, 1918 signed an armistice. 22 November 1918, Brussels, solemn passage of French troops through the city.

King albert I with the Queen and the children put on a triumphal welcome.

Marshal Foch poses for the camera.

Key words

France, Germany, Belgium, United States, World War 1, celebrities, monarchs, ground troops, artillery, infantry, cavalry, tank parade voenoplennye wounded, road transport, medicine, aeronautics, communication

Reel №8

American soldiers amid the ruins of the destroyed city.

German voennoplennye. 1918, Alsace-Lorraine, Strasbourg.

French girls in national costumes.

Marshal Foch in the group of generals comes to the Cathedral.

The Cathedral square.

Passing the French cavalry.

Ahead - Marshal F. Foch.

Metz December 8 1918, the President of the French Republic, R. Poincare, Prime Minister Jean Clemenceau handed the Marshal's baton of Henri Philippe Petain in the presence of Marshal Foch, Marshal Joffre, field Marshal Haig, Belgian, Italian, Polish generals.

Poincare and Petain shaking hands.

Photographers and cameramen are shooting.


The reception of Marshal Foch in London.

The crew go Marshal Foch, accompanied by a British General.

The English officers.

Marshal Foch runs from Prince Regent Alexander of Serbia, accompanied by French and Serbian officers.

The Prince Regent Alexander gets in car, drives off.

Paris, 1919 the Versailles peace conference.

Marshal Foch out of the car.

Marshal Foch takes place along the line of troops French soldiers.

Marshal Joffre and Marshal Foch saluting, shaking hands.

Paris, 14 July 1919 Victory Parade.

Ahead riding Marshal Joffre and Marshal Foch, accompanied by officers.

Arc de Triomphe, Champs Elysees.

Marshal Foch in the crew.

Marshal Foch on the podium - salutes.

Marshal Foch communicates with citizens.

Marshal Foch in the military and civilians.


The reception of Marshal Foch in his hometown.

Marshal Foch in a civil coat and a cocked hat.

Marshal Foch on the steps of the building talking with a man.

San Remo, April 1920 the Conference - the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Entente 19-26 April.

The building under the Italian flag.

Marshal Foch with Italian, French, Japanese officers on the steps of the building.

Marshal Foch walks with Prime Minister of great Britain D. Lloyd George and A. Briand.

They are going to shoot.


The visit of Marshal Foch.

Marshal Foch at the funeral procession.

British officers carry the coffin, covered with the British flag.

Marshal Foch, Lloyd George and civilians pose for newsreels.

USA, Kansas, 1921 the Visit of Marshal Foch.

Meeting with General John Pershing.

Marshal Foch on a train, Smoking a pipe.

The US national anthem.

Marshal Foch and American officials.


Veterans with the American flag.

On the podium there: the Belgian General Jean Jacques, Italian General Diaz, Marshal F. Foch, Admiral D. Beatty, American General J. Pershing, Vice-President C. Coolidge, and other officials.

Posing for photos: General Jacques, General Diaz, Marshal Foch, General Pershing, Admiral Beatty.

Marshal Foch in a fur coat with a chief of an Indian tribe shake hands.

The leader of the hands of Marshal Foch up.

Marshal Foch in a train, reading a book.


Marshal Foch in the group of English and Scottish generals on the background of the podium, decorated with the British flag, delivers a speech.

Marshal Foch on parade.

English Royal guard.

France, Saint-Quentin, 30 Aug 1925 Marshal Foch delivers a speech at the opening of the monument to the 2nd Australian division.

Marshal Foch in civilian coat.

Bushaven-Bergen, July 4, 1926, Marshal Foch at the opening of the monument private speech.

Is the Prime Minister of France G. Clemenceau.

France, Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral, 24-25 March 1929 Marshal Foch on his deathbed, burning candles.

At the farewell ceremony with Marshal Fosem arrive officials.

Belgium's king albert I. cameramen.

In the streets the flags, buildings, lights with black ribbons.

Pass parade troops.

March 26, 1929 the Funeral of Marshal Foch.

The hearse with the coffin of Marshal Foch moving to the nursing Home.

It is followed by officers of the allied armies, bear paw with awards. parade French, American, British soldiers, an honor guard from the colonial troops, the British orchestra of the Royal guard of Scottish archers, generals of the allied armies, the Catholic cardinals.

The officer leads by the bridle the horse of Marshal Foch.

On an artillery gun carriage carrying the coffin, followed by Lord Palmer, General J. Pershing, the Polish Marshal, chief of the Czechoslovak General staff, General J. Syrovy (with eye patch).

The House of disabled people, Prime Minister of France R. Poincare's speech.

Invalides, the crypt of the Cathedral.

The sarcophagus with the remains of the Emperor Napoleon I. Frame 1918: Marshal Foch posing for the newsreel.

Key words

1 World War, France, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Serbia, Belgium, Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Entente, parade, Catholicism, architecture, voenoplennye, ground troops, artillery, infantry, cavalry, the national life, celebrities, monarchs, funerals, railways, monuments