People in work. (1933)

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Reel №1


Raising nutria fur in Austria.

Farm breeding nutria.

The animals eat the straw.

Two men bypass the pool sections. men floating in the boat, cut reeds and cane, which goes to feed the nutria


Plant for the production of hand tools: Files, Needle, sand bars, and others.

Shop factory, spinning belt drive.

Master Instruments are made of metal and the headline on the press machines


New high-speed train on the route Salzburg - Graz.

From the platform does the train, new comfortable car, the passengers sit.

The views from the window, scenery, castle on the hill, the railway bridge.

Arrival in Graz


Pork exports from Austria to England.

Pig with piglets graze on the meadow eating grass.

Meat carcasses hanging on hooks, they are packed in bags, punched, loaded into the car, the train goes to Linz.

Driving route from Linz to England on the map


Production of granite in Austria, which is the construction of temples.

Quarry, workers put the strengthening of logs felled block of granite.

Masters carved out of granite columns.

Trucks carry columns for export to Italy



Construction of the road in the mountains.

Blasting operations, workers driven cars to the ground


Harvesting in the fields.

On carts driven hay farmhouse

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Reel №2



The struggle for existence in the mountains.

The men on the mountainside clean stones, cut down trees.

Several people harnessed to the plow, plowed ground on a slope.


The farmer carries behind the basket.

East Tyrol.

Extraction of rubble



sewing industry.

Two women weave lace.

Women in traditional clothes with lace.

Employment of women in the studio, lace-making machine.

Embroidery patterns on a typewriter.

Weaving Factory.

The artist draws a pattern for the fabric, the machine sets.

Go to thread the machine, various patterns of lace

Austria. 50 years of railway in the Arlberg.

Steam locomotive with garlands of flowers and the words 50 ahead.

The building of the station, hanging transporant: "50 years of the railway Arlsberga", wreaths, garlands.

Residents in national dress.

Go officials.

Monument Julius Lott, the laying of wreaths.

Arlberg station, people on the platform of the train escort, officials in the car.

Dalaas station, people waving their hands after the train.

The views from the train window


Fishing on Lake Constance. on poles VISTA Network drying, a fisherman mending nets.

Fishermen repairing nets, go to the beach

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Reel №3


Fishermen in boats, throw net, pulling the catch. men pulling the nets to shore.

Close-up of fish.

The fish are in the basket


Have katschtal.

Farm breeding silver foxes in Austria.

Foxes brought from America, in cages on the farm, they run, jump.

Along the street are women in coats with collars of Fox



The completion of electrification of the railway.

The train approaches the station.

A military band played.

The arrival of the President, he is met by a guard of honor and officials.

The priest blesses the road.

The train goes through a mountain road, the views from the Windows.

President and officials in the carriage, they sit at a table, Smoking, talking


Logging in Austria.

The schema of the production forest.

The fallen trees.

Loggers at work, they clear trees from the bark, zapilivajut on logs.

The descent of the logs along the chute into the river, the export of logs by horse, sleigh, carts, trucks, suspension railway, by rail.

Stacks of timber


The sheep shearing.

Sheep in the meadow.

Girl with lamb in his arms.

Man shear a sheep.

Women comb and spin yarn, of starsue for a spindle.

A loom for working women and girl

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Reel №4



The construction of the road in the mountains.

A pointer to the building. pnrm. the mountains.

Road works, workers remove stones.

The new road going motorcyclist.


The city of Donawitz, top view of the city on both sides of the river, the chimneys of factories.

The workers were soldiers.

Rolling mill, hot go bars.

The crane is a metal workpiece.

Factory types, open-hearth furnace, pouring metal


The sugar industry in Austria.

The field of beets, harvesting.

Processing beets on the automated line.

Sugar factory, crystallization of the syrup in entrifuge.

Manufacturer of refined sugar and sand.

Press for sugar.

Packing in cardboard boxes.

The pattern of growth of production of sugar in Austria: 1921 - 12,9. , 1927 - 50,3. , 1933 - 99.


Harvesting of reeds in Neusiedlersee.

Men go on marshland in special boots, cut the cane with a sickle, loaded in boats

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Reel №5


The cane is loaded on wagons, take them to the factory


The production of graphite in Austria.

Pieces of graphite. working time at the factory that produces graphite rods for pencils.

Automatic line for the production of pencils


In an Austrian cigarette factory.

In 1932 it produced 5.5 billion pieces.

Pack of tobacco, workers plucked the tobacco, tobacco is on the conveyor.

Automatic carousel, there is a stream of cigarettes.

Quality control of tobacco.

Of a pack of cigarettes on the automatic line wrapping in the box

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Reel №6



The world fashion hub knitwear.

Women draw fashion silhouettes knitted things, colors.

Loom patterns on the knit.

The models show knitted clothes


Austrian poultry, men feeding chickens.

Incubator for eggs.

Check the quality of the eggs.

Eggs laid in the containers.

From the egg hatches a chicken.

Chicks and ducklings in the incubator.

Packing poultry in boxes.


Manufacturer of bells for churches.

Form for casting bells.

Pattern on the bell.

Checking sound of a tuning fork

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Reel №7


The record of the Austrian iron and steel industry.

Metallurgichesky plant, the production of a huge details on the case an inscription: "Andritz", the item carries a crane, driven on the platform


Pottery manufacture.

Sign: "Johann Earl Potter".

Potter's wheel Potter makes a jug.

Firing products in a kiln.

A woman paints the finished ceramic products: tableware, vases




New ring roads of Austria.

Schemes roads: Grants, Zeltweg, Klagenfurt, Marburg.

The road from Graz to Köflach.

The construction of the road in Graz. working machines, from trucks spilling gravel


The manufacture of alcohol from potatoes.

Harvesting potatoes in the field, taking him to the carts.

Treatment of potatoes at the factory.

Potato mass is spinning in the centrifuge, the output of alcohol.

The remaining cake is used to feed the cows


Manufacturing bicycles.

The gentleman in the frock coat and the cylinder rolls on an old bike, helping himself with his feet.

Another vintage bike, man pedal, located on the front wheel.

Huge front and little rear wheel of the Bicycle, riding the two men.


Modern bikes

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Reel №8


Mining and processing of tree resin.

Make an incision on the tree bark, collect the resin, take them to the factory.

The distillation of resin, pouring liquid.

Cubes of chloroform.

Barrels of liquid in the courtyard, there is a train




Working time baking bread


Rent wire in the factory, the manufacture of cables and wire rope wound on the drum.

The section of the cable.

The metal fittings.


Caisson work.

Working near the pipe, it gets a worker, goes in the other.

Work inside



The opening of the new road, and a speaker in front of the workers.

Are officials.

View of the track in the mountains above.

Going passenger car.

Pointer: "Edelweisspitze 2571 m".

Cars go on road.

The Flag Of Austria.


Climbing to the top of a pair of climbers

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