Mexico. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Delgado Miguel M. Deljgado Migelj D.

Operators: Deljgado Agustin P.

Reel №1


Coastal landscapes of Mexico, tropical vegetation.

Mexican village on the shore.

The map, the territory of Tierra Caliente.

The street is going Mexican on a donkey, leading the reins of a horse.

People znimayutsya household chores.

Mountain road among the rocks, a shallow river, people make their way through the narrow makeshift bridge.

Map, territory Tierra Templada.

The expedition makes its way through the rocky terrain on horseback.

A caravan of donkeys in the mountains with the loads.

The map, the territory of Tierra Fria.

The fields of maize, some Hacienda.

Traces vulkanicheskoi activities, couples above the ground.

The biggest volcano of Mexico, Popocatepetl with snow-capped peaks.

In architecture the influence of the Spanish culture, the view of the monastery.

The ruins of the Roman aqueduct.

The flora and Fauna of the country.

Mexicans herding donkeys, goats.

Along the road grow cacti, Yucca, agave, palm trees.

Collecting juice of the agave for the production of alcoholic beverage pulque.

The sand moves Armadillo looking for food.

A view of the volcano Cihuatl.

City Toluca, traffic.

The Church in the style of Spanish Baroque.

Street market, is selling piglets, lambs, poultry, fruits, Handicrafts

Key words

Germany, Mexico, attractions, farmers, animals, population, bridge, expedition, caravan, volcano, culture, sculpture, monastery, plants, mountains, food industry, market, Church

Reel №2



Trade in the market.

In the city are the trams.

The boys play basketball.

On the dusty road barefoot are women with children.

Holiday riders in the city Mehta.

In the arena, the riders demonstrate their skills.

Bullfighting bullfighters on horseback killing the bull.

Taming wild horses.

National musical instruments, dancers perform traditional dances with a lasso, with scarf.

Carnival procession in the city.

People in masks and costumes portraying Africans, the grenadiers of Napoleon's army, American soldiers in the uniform of the Turks.

They dance, shoot guns

Key words

Germany, Mexico, city, transport, city, festivals, musical instruments, population, youth, entertainment, animals, carnival, women, children, nationality