Eyes. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Adi Mejer,Bruno Vozak /Adi Meyer,Bruno Wozak/

Operators: Zepp Zigler,Gans Geslj

Reel №1


The human eye.

The child looks at her mother, she, it.

The structure of the human eye, the principle of visual perception.

The eyeball is connected to the brain by the optic nerve.

Through the opening in the iris / pupil / light rays enter the eye and refracted at the surface of the eyeball to the cornea, lens and vitreous, converge on the retina, allowing for its visible object image.

The camera and the principle of its devices, the lens in the device and in the eye.

In the book are points

Key words

Austria, photos, science, medicine

Reel №2


The inverted image in the lens.

The variety of forms of organs of vision in nature.

The eyes of snails, mosquitoes, dragonflies.

The eyes of snakes, lizards.

The owl turns his head.

Horses eyes closed blinders at the sides.

The eyes of a kite, the view from the height to the ground.

Eye of the tiger, lion, Cougar.

The eyes of birds: owl, herons.

The human eye covers the eyelid with the eyelashes.

From his eyes flow tears.

The expression of the eyes of a child soldier, scientist, woman, young girl lying in the grass.

Among the flowers, fluttering butterflies, crawling bee

Key words

Austria, science, medicine, animals, insects, birds