Olympia (2 series). (1936)

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Director: Leni Rifenshtalj/Leni Reni Riefenstanl/

Reel №1


On the X1 Olympics in Germany.

Olympic deervnya on the lake.

Early morning, the trees reflected in the water.

Between the trees trembling cobweb dew on the leaves lying.

Crawling beetle, heron touches nogami.

PNRM long. along the shore.

Houses of the Olympic Village, fountains pour grass and trees.

The sun's rays make their way through the foliage.

Silhouettes of running athletes


Boys running through the woods, across the bridge to the lake, jumping into the water, splashing, then pop up on the shore and run to the house.

Fans relax in the bath, they doused each other with gangs, whipped brooms, massage.

Smiling faces.

Athletes go pillar.

Squirrel jumps on the tree.

Japanese athletes.

Charging at the lodge.


Kangaroo jumping across the road.

Athletes are boxing, practicing hockey with the ball.

Train throwers / removed from the bottom point against the sky / kernel spears.

Finnish athletes practiced jumping, running.

Athletes go through the village, relax in the sun loungers


Flags of different countries, the German flag with a swastika.

Olympic Stadium in Berlin.

They're coming athletes in a line one with the flags of their countries.

pipers piping

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Reel №2


Competitions on jumps over the horse among women.

Jumping somersault, Rapid.

The exercises on the balance beam, shot from the bottom point.

Female gymnasts on the crossbar.

Male gymnasts perform gimnatsicheskie exercises on the ground.

Exercises on the horse, Rapid.

Turns on the horse on his hands.

Exercises on the rings.

The athlete pulled, flips.

Athlete on the rings on the background of the crowd.

Exercises on the uneven bars.

Jump off sporstmenov.

Flip in the air

Key words

Germany, Olympics, sports, youth, women

Reel №3


Female gymnasts exercises show, rapid.

Their movement against the sky.

Exercises with clubs.

Mass exercises with clubs at the stadium.

View of the field from afar.

Slender ranks of athletes


A pointer to the pier,where competitions are held on yachts.

Flags of different countries,time.

Sailboats float past the ship.

Hitler was surrounded by naval officers.

A signalman with flags.

Has the cannon,proclaiming the beginning of the competition.

Boats on the water.

Hitler looking through binoculars.

Yacht lone.

Athletes run sail.

The hard work of the hands,tightening the ropes.

The movement of the yacht on the wave.

The athlete almost hangs to the side of the boat to maintain balance.

Hitler looking through binoculars.

Beats gun.

Contest yachts with several sportsmany.

Working with sail,turns



The movement of the silhouettes of rivals on earth,they endure the strikes.

The duel between Caboc/Hungary/ and Marci /Italy/wins Caboc.

Boxing moments of the battle between the athletes of Germany and Argentina breaks.

In the 3rd round wins German athlete

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Reel №4


Freestyle wrestling.

In the battle of athletes Finland-Sweden wins the Finn.

In the battle of sportsmen Germany-Finland wins the German.

Large fighters plans seizures.


Athletes raise the bar.


The winner is the athlete from Hungary

Key words

Germany, sports

Reel №5


Pipers piping.

Equestrian events.

Athletes in uniform are under the reins of the horses, weighing rider.

Commentator predstavlyaeyat horsemen.

Rides Lieutenant Handrikov / Germany /.

Falling from loshadi.skachki cross-country racing moments.

Jumping over hurdles.

The finish on the display the name of the winners: 1st place -Abba / Italy / 2-place Handirk / Germany / 3rd background Orban / Hungary /


Shooting at targets with a pistol.

Inspection targets, recording results. 3rd stage - running. -Handrik 1st place, 2nd place - Lemme / Germany / finish support him under the arms, on the 2nd place Orban, 3-Tofelt.

At the finish almost falls Abba, take a toll on his hands.

The winner Lieutenant Handrikov / Germany /, his head dressed wreath.

Wreaths get Leonard / USA? and Abba / Italy /.

Handirik raises his arm in a Nazi salute

Key words

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Reel №6


Hockey, endgame.

Moments of the game.

Playing a team in Germany, the audience actively cheering countrymen.

Goal scored / Rapid /.

Polo on horseback


Football Italy-Austria, moments of the game.

Hitler on the podium / distance /.

In the heat of the game brought down by the goalkeeper.

Enthusiastic audience reaction.

The winning team in Italy

Key words

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Reel №7


Jump EN horses on the ground.

Jumping over the barriers.

Jump with the horse over the ditch filled with water.

Individual athletes.

Most falls into the water during a jump.

Jumping rapid.

Some horses are hesitant to jump through the barrier,as for example,at the pole.

The fall from the horse.

German athletes

Key words

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Reel №8


The continuation of the race through the pit,the fall.the finish,the athletes share their impressions.

They are wet,one bandaged hand.

Win athletes of Germany and the United States.

The race for 100 meters.

Athletes ready to race,check велосипеды6массируют feet.

See the map of the route.

Start velosipedistov they pass through town on the highway.

Moments of the race.

The athletes ' faces.

Legs twist RDA.

Bikes collide,a number of players falls.

Race winners: Carpenter/France/,Lapebie/France/,Nievergelt/Switzerland/.

Champions on the podium,the raising of the flags.

Sounds Marseillaise

Key words

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Reel №9


Competitions on kayaks and canoes on the canal.

Swim Quartet,the audience greeted the German athletes.

They raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

Compete eight.

The athlete sends a command into the mouthpiece,the other rowing.

1 United States 2 Italy 3 Germany.

Sad defeated athletes.

The winners of the share the wreath


Top view of the stadium,the stands with the audience.

Commentator with a microphone.

Athletes warm up on the field.

Running an 100 meters,winning athlete from the United States.

Long jump.

Jumping Huber/Germany/,Morris/USA/.

Throwing the core.

Athletes Huber/Germany/Clark/USA/,Morris/USA/

Key words

Germany, sport, water transportation, the Nazis, the awarding of Germany, sports, personalities

Reel №10


High jump.

Jumps Parker / USA /, Rapid.

He knocks planku.pobezhdaet Morris.

Running winners: Clark / USA / Morris / USA / Parker / USA / Huber / Germany /.

Running hurdles, winning Morris / USA /


Discus Throw.

Morris Disc / Rapid /.

High jump with a pole.

Morris jumps, but knocks the bar.

Jumps Clark and Huber.


The scoreboard results: Morris 7305, Clark 7088, Parker 6904, Huber 6507. Running at night stadium.

Spectators skanidiruyut.

Morris wins, he put on a blanket at the finish.

Raised the US flag, the national anthem sounded.

Morris in the laurel wreath

Key words

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Reel №11


The Olympic pool.

Jumping into the water.

Shooting rapid.

Women jump one after the other.

Shooting under water.

Hitler descends the stairs,walks forward and sits near Mackensen.

Swimming competition among men.

Hitler, shouting, cheering athletes.

German athlete Brant.

The movement of athletes in the water.

Visual emotions.

Japanese Amuro set a record.

Fires the starting gun.

The swimming competition.

The winner is the athlete from the United States,his embrace,on the 2nd and 3rd places by the Japanese.

Award winners

Key words

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Reel №12


Swimming competition among women.

Commentator at the microphone.

The audience clap.

Diving among men.

Rapid shooting of jumps.

Beautiful movement in the air.

2 jump athlete.

Jumping on sky background.

Jumping in the twilight, amid a thickening cloud


Night stadium.

Swinging bell.

In the sky aimed long beams, they converge over the stadium.

Olympic flame.

The flags of the participating countries are omitted, they wear Laurel wreaths.

The Olympic flag with the rings.

The Olympic flame is extinguished.

It sounds solemn music.

The rays are directed to the sun

Key words

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