Malta G.Ts. (1940 - 1949)

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Reel №1


The English fleet at sea, naval guns at the planes hit.

Map of Malta, Valletta points, Pantellariya, location of the island between Africa and Italy, which provided him the strategic importance during the 2nd World War.

PNRM. Malta air.

Redcoat observer with binoculars.

British ships off the coast of the island, smoke, shoot guns.

Works in the port, the soldiers are coming.

Broken boats in the port, in the form of holes.

There is unloading military supplies, equipment, food.

Work loaders and cranes.

Trucks go through the city, stands adjuster.

Streets, town house residence with the flag on the roof of the Cathedral of St.

Angel, carts of the peasants go to the gate.

On the ship, raise the flag, the bosun whistles.

Air raid.

British soldiers run to a disguised guns, surrounded by sandbags.

Antiaircraft guns hit by German bombers.

The air rising British fighters.

Air raid in the city, people look at the sky, running in the asylum.

Bombing of naval ships in the port.

Shoot guns.

Downed plane falls into the sea.

Air battle.

End air raid.

People come out of the shelters, making their way among the ruins.

Analysis of the rubble, people are looking for their belongings

Key words

Malta, World War 2, soldiers, navy, aviation, port, city, army bombardment

Reel №2


People dismantled ruins.

Show broken flats and hospitals.

Nurses are children.

The cloth on the wagon groundscare food service, rides a convoy of carts with food.

City Market, there is a trade in fruits and vegetables, shops open.

Women clean vegetables, cooked in large cauldrons.

People get food in public kitchens.

Work workshops, working for the machines in the open air.

Children go to school, there is a lesson in the open air.

British pilots get a job, sit on cars, to aircrafts missiles attached.


Driving on the map, airplanes Spitfire and Hurricane aircraft, torpedo bombers flying from Italy to the African coast.

People look up at the sky.

Farmers working in the fields.

Children dance to the sounds of the piano, which plays a teacher.

The newspaper in printing house.

Downed German bombers burning on the ground.

Newspaper The Times of Malta.

Headings 400 Spitfires to Malta to visit Malta by King George VI of, his photo.

Life in the city continues.

Children play among the ruins.

Frustrated Cathedral, PNRM. the ruins.

By planes carry bombs.

Night flight.

Flare in the night.


People praying in a shelter.

The morning, the city in ruins.

People in prayer with the priest

Key words

Malta, World War 2, destruction, food, work, children, studies, aviation, printing, ruins, city, clergy