Holy Land. (1936)

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Director: Ford Charljz I. Ford Charles E.

Reel №1

Series: Travel to various places with Lowell Thomas.

The city of Jerusalem, a place of pilgrimage, where the shrine of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Station of Jerusalem, the scoreboard, the train approaches the platform, passengers go.

Sights of the city, Damascus Gate, narrow shopping streets with shops.

Go residents, a woman in a chador, local artisan copper products.

Types of Arabs: Boy with oranges in her hands, smiling face of an old man, a girl in a headscarf girl in national costume.

people walking on the street with steps.

Street with traffic controller, traffic.

Wailing Wall, near which Jews pray.

The old man washes his hands of the washstand, goes to the wall.

On the street there is a group of pilgrims from the ritual dances.

Mosques and churches in the city.

Excavations in the mountains, it is possible, according to the commentator, that the walls of Jericho.

Modern residential areas of the city, there is a building of houses.

In the vicinity of grazing flocks of sheep.

A boy holding hands on the lamb.

Landscape with river and forest.

Index on three sides: the Dead Sea, Jericho and Jerusalem.

The Dead Sea, the boat on the shore.

Index sea level, which is significantly above the level of the Dead Sea.

The remains of the ancient city of stone mosaic pattern.

The Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, there is a priest, a nun.

Garden of Gethsemane, where still blooming 8 olives planted, according to legend, in the 1st century.

The monk takes care of the plants.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The monk opens a huge key gate brothers enters the twilight of the church.

Via della Rosa, at which pilgrims are dear Christ on Calvary, they pray in a way.

The service in the Orthodox church.

PNRM. on Jerusalem from above

Key words

Jerusalem, 1930, landmarks, city, transport, clergy, the Dead Sea, a temple, monks, street