Askania. (1938)

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Director: Franc Fidler, Rufj Hofman /Franz Fiedler, Ruth Hoffmann/

Operators: Edoardo Lamberti /Edoiardo Lamberti/

Reel №1

A smiling girl with a stack of folders to the door with the inscription Sonne-Film, knocks, enters and greets with two young men sitting at the table.

She wondered what they were doing.

Boys respond that mount a new film titled "Ascania", and invites the girl to look at what happened.

The display shows an animated map diagram, which marked the eastern Harz Mountains, where the story begins Askania.

This state of Saxony-Anhalt, the district Salzlandkreis.

Animated arrows represent the movement in the north-east, towards the river valley Whipper.

On the map is marked in the region of the River Elbe valley with settlements Dessau, Köthen, Bernburg and Zerbst Freckleben.

Near the valleys located town Aschersleben, where before and was Askania fortress.

The local landscape, forest, ruins of buildings.

She sighs: "It is a pity that all a thing of the past."

View of the Church (Stiftskirche) in the valley of the river Whipper, as well as the city Freckleben, Waldau, where the preserved ancient churches.

Pointer to Reppichau.

Medieval book with illustrations and text Old Saxon.

Showing the locals, a group of children looking at a memorial bas-relief depicting a German soldier, with the inscription "For the right and freedom of Germany, 1234-1934."

Road sign at the Bernburg castle.

Children look at the cubs in a cage.

Statue of a bear in the town square.

The shepherd and the sheep.

City views Köthen and Zerbst.

Two men walking along Zerbst.

City Hall, the various corners of the city, accompanied by a story about its history.

The children sing a song about storks and dance in a circle.

Key words

Germany, 1938, river, city, ruins, castles, literature, people, sculpture, children

Reel №2

Panorama old Zerbst.

Announcer: "There was born a little princess Fike, the future Catherine the Great."

Other houses Zerbst, which lived Albrecht von Wallenstein and Peter Ernst II von Mansfeld.

Evening, sitting on the porch of the visitor at the table, the waiter brings to the table puts a candle.

We are transported in Dessau.

Portraits of famous residents of the city, views of the city streets.

A monument to local poet by the name of Wilhelm Müller.

Görlitzer Park near Dessau.

On the lawn of the peacocks roam.

Brooks, canals, dams.

Close-up of blossoming flowers.

Various bridges, gazebos, ruins, moods islands.

Wildlife eastern Harz contrast with these places.

Rural landscapes, church spiers.

Goats grazing in the field.

A squad of boys from Deutsches Jungvolk marching through the forest and sing a song.

Pictures of nature.

The ring composition: the film ends with a scene in the editing room after watching the movie "Askania."

She coyly thanked the young men and leaves with the words "How beautiful Ascanius!", And the boys after her whistling a tune from the film.

Key words

Germany, 1938, architecture, personalities, monuments, poultry, pets, church