protection of the world. (1940 - 1949)

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Celebrating the victory on the streets of France, the newspaper, people are rejoicing in the United States.

However, once again among the nations surge barrier, the barrier is lowered.

The globe on the background of marching in the parade of soldiers, legs in boots.

Map of the world in terms of conflict.

The mushroom of a nuclear explosion.

June 26, 1945 in San Francisco, 50 nations have decided to protect future generations from the scourge of war.

Creation of the United Nations.

Meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Molotov.

Combines the fields.

The League of Nations performed similar tasks.

The building of the League of speech with a call for justice.

Between the League and the United Nations is a significant difference.

League lacked the political apparatus to solve real problems.

The impoverished family.

Interim Chief of the UN headquarters is located at Lake Success near New York.

Flags in front of the UN.

The scheme of the UN apparatus for 4 bowls, rotating around a little more.

UN Centre is Generalanya Assembly.

Around it are concentrated 4 body with specific functions.

Security Council / take all measures in order to avoid conflict /.

Mezhdunarony court decisions for legal disputes.

The Economic and Social Council, which aims to promote economic and social development of countries.

The Trusteeship Council / supervision of territories under trusteeship /.

Permanent Secretariat is the administrative body.

The General Assembly - the foundation of the entire organization.

The scheme vkorug flags of different countries.

It's like a meeting of world public with equal voices.

The meeting room, delegates.

The main task of the UN - the prevention of war.

This goal is vested in the Security Council.

The Council has five permanent members: China, France, the USSR, Britain and the United States.

In addition every 2 years, the Assembly selects another 6 non-permanent members.


A decision requires a unanimous vote of all members of the Council.

The negative vote of any permanent member delays taking action.

International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Controversial issues, such as the British came upon a mine of floating the coast of Corfu, whether they have been placed there intentionally?

According to the explanation in Albania, mine stayed there after the war.

The court, the judge acts in a wig.

Conflict consideration.

The Economic and Social Council.


Demonstrations of the unemployed in the United States, they are beaten with sticks.

Council decides to start to make an inventory of the world's needs and reserves, such as grain and coal, need to plan transport, means of communication, facilitate the exchange of goods / Chronicle: pray for hungry children, African children starving /.

The Trusteeship Council believes that should be allowed to take control of their country.

Chronicle: naked African children with pitchers on their heads on a rock climb, impoverished African village among the rocks /.

Mail to the United Nations.

UN scheme.

Kaleidoscope problems: hospital, science lab, school.

Border barrier.

Children near the barrier.

Smiling boy.

UN Flag

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