Child. (1940 - 1949)

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Operators: Pati P.V. Bilimoriya F.R

Reel №1

A documentary about the fight against the plague in India.

Dried cracked earth, fire in the Indian village.

Sita Devi goes through the village, he comes into the house.

On the floor, a baby crying near his dying mother.

In the village begins the plague, the news of the terrible disease spreads throughout the area.

Sita Devi takes the child, according to his neighbors.

Sends a boy with a note in the city, he goes on a cart.

Sounds Tambourine, residents gather.

A boy brings a doctor Sita Devi leads him into the house, there are women with children.

Sita Devi sets an example by doing vaccinated odanko women refuse from it, although the epidemic is growing.

Frightened women turn to the temple.

Sita Devi comes to a Brahmin, urging him to work on women.

Sounds Tambourine, residents gather for funeral of patients who died, funeral pyres.

Women work in the field, tying children to the body.

Sita Devi again convinces them to be vaccinated, and in the end it works out

Key words

India, the epidemic, women, children, village

Reel №2

Residents go to the house of Sita Devi.

Devi teaches women to observe cleanliness.

teacher arrives in the village.

Women are taught to constantly wash the children, wash the fruit, wash the dishes, it shows how to squeeze juice from the fruit.

Sita Devi is trying to teach women not to sleep with the children.

Residents in the bathing ceremony at the river.

Sita Devi takes the child's hand, gives him the doll.

She goes to school, the children go for it.

Plague village conquered

Key words

India, the epidemic, school, children, village