Attention! There is Music!. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Pavlov A.

Operators: Epifanov G., Kiselev V., Kochetkov A. S.


ABOUT held in Moscow on the 9th Conference of the International Society for the musical education of children and youth.

Historical background

July 8, 1970 in Moscow opened IX Conference of the International Society for the musical education of children and youth (ISME), which was attended by composers, musicologists, educators from 41 countries worldwide.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. 9-th conference of the International Society for the musical education of children and youth (ISME) in the Hall of Columns. Speakers: EA Furtseva, F. Qalaouay (Australia). At the podium - Kabalevsky, AIPahmutova. Kabalevsky talks with delegates, give autographs, conducting the orchestra. Playing a symphony orchestra, sings (synchronously), the Yohuku Children's Choir (Japan), the ensemble Bandura (Ukraine), speaking dance ensemble (Bulgaria) and other members of the concert from Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, USA, Africa. Meeting in the House of Composers. Speakers: T. Khrennikov, A. Ameler, AI Khachaturian.

Reel №1

Demonstration lesson solfeggio Bulgarian choir girls' Bodra smyana "on the stage of the Column Hall of the House of Unions - CU.

Children glockenspiel - CU., MS.

Pictures of children with musical instruments in the hands - CU., MS.

IX ISME conference participants and the audience listening and applauding at the Column Hall - CU., MS., LS.

During the opening of the conference receives flowers kids presidium members - LS., MS.

The presidium of the most prominent musical figures and teachers of the world: President of ISME - known Australian musician and teacher Frank Kalauey Soviet composer Dmitri Kabalevsky and others - MS.

Minister of Culture of the USSR EA Furtseva reads the message from the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR AN Kosygin (synchronous) - MS.

Listening and applauding Alexander Pakhmutova - CU.

Frank stands Kalauey (simultaneously in English) - MS.

Members of Congress talk on the sidelines - MS., CU.

DB Kabalevsky talks with a group of delegates, signing autographs - CU., MS.

On the stage of Symphony Orchestra Music School of the Moscow State Conservatory.

Tchaikovsky's overture to the opera performs Kabalevsky "Colas Breugnon" (synchronous) - Various., PNRM.

DB Kabalevsky conducting an orchestra, bows - CU., MS.

Pillared hall with spectators - LS. (Top point).

Participants in the conference sessions listen to the reports and presentations of their colleagues, ask questions, speak for yourself - different.

Speakers: Japanese boys choir school in Yohuku (synchronous) - MS., CU.; Bandura Ensemble from Lviv (synchronous) - MS., CU.; Bulgarian folk ensemble - LS., MS., (Synchronous).

Exhibition of musical instruments in the Central House of Arts: glockenspiel, percussion instruments, flute, balalaika - CU.

Duet of girls and boys from Germany (flute and violin) - MS., CU.

Reel №2

School orchestra performs variety of Helsinki to play wind and percussion instruments, electric guitar (synchronous) - CU., MS., LS.

PNRM. with chandeliers hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses on the audience.

At the final concert are Swedish girls from the musical school in Nacka (synchronous) - MS., LS.

Listen, smiling spectators - MS., CU.

Round-table meeting at the Central House of Composers - MS., LS.

The first secretary of the Union of Soviet Composers Tikhon Khrennikov tells visitors about Soviet music - MS., CU.

Playing Aram Khachaturian and foreign musical figures - CU., MS.

Near Moscow on the lawn playing Lithuanian boys of the choir "Azhuolyukas" and American children of Philadelphia Chorus - LS., CU., MS.

Children laugh - CU.

PNRM. with chandeliers on the Hall of Columns.

Vilnius Boys Choir performs in the Column Hall of the oratorio (synchronous) - LS., MS.

Singing soloist (synchronously) - MS.

PNRM. from the stage at the audience - LS.

Applauding audience and the choir - LS. (Top).

Applaud children - CU., PNRM.

Philadelphia stands chorus (simultaneously) - MS., CU.

Spectators - CU.

Cheering - MS.

Lithuanian children handed American boy flowers - MS.

American boys bows - CU.

Interview participants: an American, a Frenchman - CU.; Representative of Ghana - MS.

Rehearses American educator: hands on piano keys, orchestrate - CU.; Japanese conductor - CU.

Serves school orchestra of folk instruments Siberian miner's settlement Mundybash, conducts teacher of Russian language and literature Nicholas Kapishnikov (synchronous) - CU., MS.

Hands and face N. Kapishnikova - CU.

Solfeggio Bulgarian choir girls' Bodra smyana "(synchronous) - CU.

Teacher at the blackboard - MS.