stop signal. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Against the background of the bust of Hitler and Nazi banners displayed speaker.

He stressed the particular importance of the problem of ensuring Safety of movement on the railways.

Then, given information about the warning and prohibiting the semaphore signals and signs warning of what lies ahead is a semaphore.

He further stops on the additional measures and devices operating in the event of travel locomotive drivers prohibiting signal.

Demonstrates various mechanical train stop system, associated with the semaphore signals prohibiting / shoes operated by a system of magnets, etc. /.

It shows the interaction of railway and locomotive magnets in case of emergency

Key words

Germany, railway, machinery, Nazis, Gos.simvolika

Reel №2


It shows the effect of a magnet on the locomotive example moving train.

Action magnet for an illegal speeding.

He explains further principles of operation of optical devices used in the Imperial Jelen roads for driving and stopping organichitelnyh mechanisms.

It shows an optical device on the locomotive and strengthened by the scheme given its interaction with the optical semaphore.

Is illustrated in Scheme and Example occurrence forced braking composition.

He stressed the need to take special ostrorozhnost on regulated and unregulated level crossings, which in 1935 g.proizoshlo 1300 accident that resulted in the deaths of 177 people.

Type of controlled crossing with a barrier.

Explains the signs at the entrance to the crossings.

Optical system, announcing the approach of a train.

Signs announcing the drivers of the approach move.

Explanation signal lighting systems at railway crossings at night.

In conclusion, he urged the students to ensure safety on the roads and railways

Key words

Germany, railway equipment