Program Lumière. (1895)

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Director: Lui Lyumjer / Louis Lumiere, Ogyust Lyumjer / Auguste Lumiere

Operators: Lui Lyumjer / Louis Lumiere

Reel №1

The first program of the brothers Auguste and Louis Lumière films. 1. Breakfast baby / toddler feeding (Repas de bebe), Lyon, 1895., The operator of Louis Lumière.

Auguste Lumière and his wife feeding spoon baby sitting between them at the table. 2. The destruction of the wall »(Demolition d`un mur), Lyon, 1896. [Operas.

Louis Lumière].

Workers break the wall with picks (picks), a piece of the wall falling apart in a cloud of dust. 3. Tables Turned on the Gardener (Arroseur et arrose / L`Arroseur arrose / Le Jardinier), Lyon, 1895., Operas.

Louis Lumière.

Gardener watering plants with a hose.

The boy quietly for the gardener comes to the hose, and the water stops flowing.

Gardener with surprise looks at the tip, the boy releases a hose, and the water pressure hits the gardener's face.

He drops the hose, strikes for the bully, slaps him. 4. Arrival of delegates to fotokongress in Lyon (Le Debarquement du Congres de Photographie a Lyon), Lyon, 1895., Operas.

Louis Lumière.

Shooting made June 11, 1895 during organized for the participants of the congress of Lyons of the Photographic Society of district tours.

Sonya, during the landing on the waterfront Pastor city Neuville-sur-Saone.

Delegates to the Congress and the ladies down the ladder from the ship to the dock.

Some of them stop and greet operator to remove them. 5. Train Arrival / Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat Station? (L'Arrivee d'un train en gare de la Ciotat / Arrivee d'un train a la Ciotat), [1896]., Operas.

Louis Lumière.

The train arrives and stops at the railway station platform of La Ciotat along the carriages pass passengers. 6. The boat leaves the port (Barque sortant du port), La Ciotat, 1896., Operas.

Louis Lumière.

A boat with two men on board in the waves of the sea beyond.

From the pier a few people are watching, as it is removed.

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France, life, family, building, art, photography, rail transport, sea transport