Landscapes. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


PNRM. with movement, a view of the train.

Float field Proleski.

Away houses on the wooded hills.

On the road rides the cart.

Neat houses, located in a strict order.

The one-storey building, on the roof of a huge kontsruktsiya in the form of a drum.

Warehouses on the swastika doors.

Past the buildings a small factory with pipes


The train goes over the bridge.

A metal structures PNRM bridge. on campus, at home, pipe factories.

Again, given the open, colorful patches of fields.

Past sweeps school stadium.

Houses with tiled roofs.

Station tracks with standing cars, the train passes.

Away Cathedral opens.

Fast flashing station buildings, trees.

In the valley of the monastery can be seen.

On the hill the church vozvyshaetyas


Sail by hills on one large white shield flag over it.

PNRM. along the river, on the far bank of the village and the church is visible.

Once again, the station house with a pipe factory


Large factory mound.

The long three-storey building with pipes.

Stacks of boards beside the road.

Engineering, where, apparently, the gravel is extracted.

Trolleys have heaps of rubble with.

Cement factory.

Other industrial facilities.

The factory cars in front of him with rubble


River with overgrown banks.

The distance of the castle hill.

In the foreground of a plowed field.

How to get across the river, is seen on another bridge.

On one side of the castle with a spike at the other bridges, with the inscription "Park Hotel".

Past the long single-storey houses with tiled roofs.

The river, the hills.

Along the river are ships steam.

The dam, building power plants.

Leaving back the railroad.

Two girls in national dress sitting in the room for the yarn

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Reel №2


The room for three girls yarn, pull the thread of a suspended tow, sing


The river, two fishermen pulled the network and children on the beach.

Movement along the river.

Fishermen pull a network, several boats at the shore


Covered shore.

Among the bushes overlooking the bridge over the river, the train passes through it


The interior of the church, the iconostasis, the angel on the icon


The river is a pleasure boat, the people on it.

Movement along the river.

On the shore stretched network


The inscription on the arch at the entrance to the church.



In the courtyard a stone source, on a column of plaster horse head.

Close up of a muzzle



People stand on the bridge, watching as the floodgates open, pass judgment.

Steamboats on the River


The sloping field, the people raking hay.

Waterfalls, cascades of water.

Stone benches, along the scarps are laid bridges for spectators.

Mountain river.

The funicular up the hill.

Skiers go on the snow.

Beautiful snow-covered trees.

Skiers slide down from the mountains, trails.



PNRM. in the mountains with the cable car, the rise

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