Treasure box. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Fridrih Viljgeljm Kempe

Operators: Ervin Shmyuker

Reel №1


The popular science film with elements of animation on the theme of proper cultivation of flax.

A young girl spinning flax.

The old man working at the loom.

Manufacture, more modern machines.

Modern shop.

Engineers is following the work of machines.

For machines of the young girl, a student.

Field sown with flax.

Map of the area sown.

Comparison of annual crops.

Sea, Beach, sown field

Key words

Germany, plant, light industry

Reel №2


The farmer plows the land under the linen on horseback with a plow, harrow it.



Women weeding hoes land.

Weeding flax special machine.

Women hands pluck the weeds.

Experienced site.

Lab recorded data.

Comparison of samples.


Take samples of seeds, fibers.

Under the microscope, checked the oil content in the seeds.

Experiments on tensile strength and flax fibers

Key words

Germany, farmers, plant, lab, pets, woman

Reel №3



Manually harvested flax.

Assist students.

A horse harnessed to the mower.

Girls in aprons clean linen, pulling it out of the ground.

Laying it into rolls.

Len cleaned using mehanichnskoy machine.

Women are put out to dry linen.

Farmers collect the skeleton for the stacks of linen, flax begin to lay.

A shock is ready.

A view of the field with little haystacks.

Women knit bundles.

On the cart carrying flax.

In the village of flax seeds freed from manually

Key words

Germany, peasants, women, plants, children, household appliances, domestic animals

Reel №4


Mechanical release from flax seeds.

Seed collection bags.

Len in sheaves skladyavyut.

The shop flax is soaked in vats.

By conveyor flax served in another department where his stuff down.

Elastic tie the stems into small coils.

Cotton-like flax enters the shop, packaging semi-finished product, it is folded in the form of tight bales.


Girl with spinning wheel.

Soldiers marching in formation.

Golf, clean linen

Key words

Germany, farmers, plants, light industry, men, women

Reel №5


Without Fono.

In the field put the small stacks.

Sedan car in the field.

Women pull flax and laid it on the ground.

Women put stacks to dry, svyazvayut them straightened.

Flax Field.

Len in the rolls.

Mechanical mower ukladyavyut in flax rolls.

Big shock, in which the county can be a long time on the field.

Women manually clean linen.

Machine sheaves ligament

Key words

Germany, peasants, women, household appliances, plants