Review Of Tobis No. 1. (1938)

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Reel №1


Zapp Hussels is true.

Stills from films with participation of Olga Chekhova.

The film of Mexican life.

Across the plains jumping rider.

Covering his face with a handkerchief, he attacks a carriage, which travels the lady.

Its accompanying surrender to a bandit, he steals a carriage with a lady.

The next episode of modern Parisian life.

Traffic, in the car, the man /Hans Albers/ the woman /Olga Chekhova, they go along the promenade.

Close-up of a couple, he kisses her hand.


Women's fashion.

Fur capes, fur coats.

Horse races, the spectators in the stands.

Swimming in the pool with lots of apples.

Children are happy bluedude and chew on apples.


From the house comes a woman with a stroller, it leaves a very small car with sitting in this couple.

All staring at the street in the little car, the car's Parking the car and the driver asks police to light.

The car easily rides in a narrow passage between houses, where it is blocked by a large vehicle.


A comic song of the mischievous boys max und Moritz, whose role is performed by two Actresses.

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Reel №2


Zapp Hussels draws a cartoon.

For piano man, he plays and sings a playful song.

Brungard Clark - flying man performs an acrobatic dance with tap dance.



Trained dogs.

The dog jumps through the ring from the hands of the trainer.

A dog jumping on a high branch of the tree where the hanging cloth.

The dog executes the commands of the trainer, which she shows on the plate: the dog sits, gets up on his hind legs, crawling.

Dogs play basketball with balloons.

Sea lion with a ball.


Two monkeys look in the mirror, which keeps the trainer.

Three monkeys jumping through the rope.

The monkey jumps through the rope on stilts.

Monkey rides a unicycle.

The monkey rides the pony around the arena, spinning on the wheel inside.


In Berlin Wintergarten.

Circus dogs, driven carts for the ponies.

Aerial acrobats under the big top.

Girl edit on the bike under the big top, that man is holding.

Dance 3 girls on roller skates.

Ballroom dancing girls in long dresses and hats.

Caricatures of film actors.

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